6 Budget-Friendly Steps To Perfect Summer Skin


Summertime can wreak havoc on our skin. Chlorine, sun-damage, walking around barefoot and drinking too many margaritas leave many us looking a bit on the crispy side. There are easy and cheap ways around this seasonal problem that will your skin glowing. 

1. Exfoliation 

The key to a cheap and super good-for-your skin exfoliator is to make your own with items from your kitchen. A mix of raw sugar-cane sugar, grape seed oil, and a few drops of your favorite essential such as rose or lavender is all you need. The mixture should be a bit goopy and stored in a glass jar. These are the base of the main ingredients in high-end scrubs. Your bod will feel silky soft for a fraction of the price.

2. Don’t forget the tootsies

Your feet are on display most of the summer so be sure to keep them in tip-top shape. An inexpensive foot brush with a pumice stone attached and homemade foot scrub (pulverize a lone pumice stone and mix with coconut oil and lemon peel, store in a jar). Soak feet for ten minutes while listening to your iPod. Scrub callouses with pumice and brush, using the brush in between toes and around toenails. Massage in pumice mixture and rinse. Proceed with fancy pedicure. Hint:  do this at least three times a week to maintain. 

3. The sun is bad for your skin.  Mmmkay? 

Sun damage plain sucks. It may be all fun and games when you’re twenty five but when you turn forty, your years of disregarding protection rears its ugly head, like a bad STD. Find a high SPF sunscreen and stick with the one that works for you. Spending a bit extra on quality as opposed to quantity is key in this arena.  Some who have racked up terrible burns over a lifetime will use the tried and true zinc oxide all over. You may look like a freak but at least you get to enjoy the beach; something to think about.

4. The most kissable place on the planet: your lips

Lips get dry and sunburnt just like the rest of our skin. Protect your lips at all times with an SPF lip balm. To exfoliate, combine raw sugar and olive oil to form a paste. Gently rub this on your lips to remove dry skin and plump them up all at the same time.

5. Spray tans rock

Spray tans aren’t what they used to be. Forget the orange glow of Mystic Tan or even a self-applied tanner and find a custom air-brush salon in your area. The process allows it so that you get definition to your most important areas such as your cheek-bones, abs, and butt. It’s cost-effective as it lasts for two weeks or more when using a lotion mixed with a store-bought self-tanner every day. It makes you look amazing in a bikini without the deadly rays of the sun.

6. Moisturizer is your friend

Lotion is pretty much all the same and sometimes the cheaper ones are the best. Pure cocoa butter is where it’s at. Argon oil is perfect for everything from cuticles and under-eye areas (wrinkles anyone?), to dry hair and razor burn. Whatever you use, use it often. Your skin will thank you. 

It doesn’t take fancy beauty products advertised by every brand in the world to ensure that your skin is summery, bronzed and soft. Save your cash for a great swimsuit instead.