6 Cheating Men Confess The Real Reason To Why They Slept With Someone Else


There is a constant request for women to try and discover WHY men cheat so frequently. Well, I sat down 6 men who were willing to describe to me and tell me why they have ended up cheating. 

Last names have been kept out to protect privacy of participators.

Chelsea Ellise: So, what would you say the main reason that you cheated was?

Adam: I was in a relationship I didn’t want to be in, but we shared so much stuff and it just seemed so much easier to stay with her and not have to split all of our stuff up just for a couple of lays. Is that bad to say?

Chelsea Ellise: I mean, It’s probably not ideal to say but ya did it. 

Chelsea Ellise: And what about for you, Ryan? Why have you cheated?

Ryan: I felt stuck. I didn’t want to be in the relationship but I knew that by ending it I would hurt my girlfriend so much that I just went about it behind her back because I didn’t want to deal with the huge break up drama of it all, you know?

Chelsea Ellise: Jordan, how about you? Why did you cheat?

Jordan: Honestly, it was a toxic relationship. We hated but loved each other. But when we hated each other we both went out and fucked other people. I guess it was just our system. 

Chelsea Ellise: And Craig, how about you?

Craig: Not to bee to blunt, but uh, I saw better but I didn’t want to lose my girlfriend so I just took home a hotter babe for one night and then carried it on with my girlfriend.

Chelsea Ellise: Peter?

Peter: I was so fuckin’ unhappy man. I had tried to leave, she didn’t let me. I tried to leave her before I cheated but she’d scream and cry and threaten things. So finally I just stayed and then at the bar one night ended up going home with somebody but I was so damn miserable I didn’t even care by that point.

Chelsea Ellise: And as for you Bryan?

Bryan: Cheating happens in every single relationship. Guys will tell you they don’t. but honey, they do. We all do. Maybe in different ways. But we do. I can’t say I haven’t been in one relationship where I or she hasn’t cheated at some place. And in the end, is cheating really all that bad?

Well there you have it ladies! Honest answers from honest men who were honest enough to admit to cheating on their partners.