6 Easy Things You Can Do Daily To Prevent Breast Cancer


One health issue that affects millions of women is breast cancer. Most women know about what this diagnosis can bring with it, but have you ever read about how to prevent it in the first place? Even if modern science hasn’t discovered precisely how each cancer begins to form, you can still take a few preventative measures to potentially avoid ever getting that heart-dropping news.

Not sure how to prevent breast cancer? There are more ways to do this than you might realize, and many of them are simple things you can do every day. Don’t let yourself wait until it’s too late! Here are a few breast cancer prevention tips that can help you out in many additional ways, too.

Reduce Your Stress Levels

If you haven’t gotten away from work in a while, you may want to consider taking some time off regularly. Stress levels can actually affect your odds of getting breast cancer. When you’re more stressed, your body inhibits the production of anoikis, which kills diseased cells and prevents them from spreading.

The key is managing your stress so you don’t feel like it’ll never end. Schedule time off you can look forward to, or try out a new routine to better manage your home and work life.

Cut Out Toxins

Especially as summer gets closer, you’re probably seeing lots of posts online about how you should drink detox teas to cleanse your body before bikini season. While it’s up to you if you follow that advice, detoxing could also help prevent breast cancer.

Additionally, commercial deodorants are full of chemicals that have been linked to breast cancer, so detox your underarms with all-natural remedies to clean out your system from anything related to your deodorant.

Stay Active

Here’s another reason to tackle a new gym routine this year — staying active can keep breast cancer at bay. Women with higher BMIs who hold their weight around their waist are more likely to get breast cancer, which is why staying active is just one of the steps you can take to prevent it.

Take it slow and easy at first with running intervals or fitness classes where an instructor can teach you. Even going just a couple times a week will help you in the long term.

Rethink Calcium Supplements

There are lots of reasons people take calcium supplements. Some people can’t drink milk, others have been advised by doctors to do so and some take them because they have such an active lifestyle.

Research has recently proven taking too much calcium via supplements can increase your chance of getting breast cancer, so talk to your doctor about what’s best for you and try to get calcium in other ways or decreased doses.

Connect With Your Emotions

Just like stress can cause your health to falter, so can your emotions if you don’t learn how to control them. Your hormone levels produce your feelings, and for women, these levels fluctuate on a daily basis.

Learn how to channel your emotions through meditation or journaling to potentially avoid getting cancer that’s related to emotional trauma to your body. You might even find a new hobby you enjoy.

Keep Your Health in Check as Much as Possible

This is good advice even if you don’t have breast cancer on your mind. Living a healthy lifestyle helps your body as you age, keeping your immune system healthy and ready to fight off anything your body might come across. Eat right and avoid unhealthy activities to keep yourself strong and healthy.

For women, the idea of potentially getting breast cancer in the future is a scary thing. Many women battle it every year, so it’s only wise to do what you can to keep your body healthy. Even if your family members haven’t had breast cancer, you can’t rule out the possibility that you might end up having a diagnosis one day, so do your research to find out what you can do to prevent it from forming.

Small daily habits can make a big difference to your health. Being active, eating right and doing what you can to limit your daily stress levels could be all you need to avoid a diagnosis. No matter what you decide to try, never forget that checking in with your doctor annually should always be a priority. They’ll be able to tell for sure if you’re cancer-free and give you advice on how to keep your body healthy.