6 Easy Ways Type As Can Learn To Relax


Feeling antsy or anxious on vacation, during the weekend or even on a daily basis? If you’re Type A, it can seem especially daunting to stop thinking about a to-do list or stop looking at a clock. Creativity is not fueled by constant hamster-wheeling. Here a few reminders and tips because you’ll be better off more fully recharging in the long run:

1. Allow yourself time – a couple hours or days – to get to relaxation mode. Having high expectations is a learned personality trait but having a goal of having none from time to time is easier on the soul.

2. Disconnect for a sec. Don’t send any emails. This is less tempting if you don’t lug your laptop with you everywhere. Think of unplugging as the urgent priority. It gets easier each time you say “later.”

3. Get lost in a book. Instead of trying to learn something from a manual or an article, fall into a fantasy or get deep in a storyline. Travel between the pages with an imaginary companion.

4. Take a walk, not a run that doubles as a workout. Slow down the multitasking and give your body a conditioning break. Think of it as moving meditation.

5. Enjoy the sunrise and the sunset. Watch the colors change in the sky and appreciate nature as you reflect on your own thoughts.

6. Don’t feel guilty about “wasting” time. There’s still much more to spend, strategically/wisely. Work-life balance is a process.