6 Lessons You Can Learn From A Brokenhearted Traveler


If you ask a brokenhearted person about love, there will be a lot of things that person will tell you. May it be about happy memories, cute moments, unforgettable experiences, funny jokes and of course, the downsides of being in love, all of those will surely feel real, vulnerable and it will strike your fragile heart. If you ask a brokenhearted person about what it’s like to move on, chances are you’ll get this answer: “It’s hard to move on.”

Yes, pretty sure anyone from anywhere who’s ever had their hearts broken have experienced the hardships of moving on and letting go. Imagine being attached to someone for so long and imagine that attachment is just like a dream, one day you woke up and realize everything is gone. The love of your life is gone, whether the person left you, died or just disappeared without saying anything, that person is gone and will never ever come back.

While those are common things you will get from a brokenhearted person, asking a brokenhearted traveler is different. Travelers are considered wild, brave and unafraid of the world and the storm that may come in their lives but sometimes, they can be hurt and feel vulnerable too. If you ask a brokenhearted traveler about love, you’ll surely get a total love education. Here are the six lessons you can learn from a brokenhearted traveler:

1. You’ll find someone better on the road. It’s not as if the ones you meet on the road are better when it comes love and relationships but there are a lot of people you will meet while travelling and you will totally learn from their culture, experiences and stories and who knows, maybe you will be able to build a romantic kind of bond. The good love lesson from this is that even if you have been dumped by the person you loved the most, even if you have been dumped by the one who gave you so much to remember, even if you have been dumped by someone who promised you “forever”, there are still 7 billion people out there who are just waiting to make your heart beat again.

2. Traveling will help you to not just move on but also move forward in life. It’s true. A brokenhearted traveler will surely give you this wonderful advice. Healing a broken heart isn’t just about moving on from the relationship, healing a broken heart also means moving forward in life. Sometimes, people move on from the relationship but they never get over the person who hurt them so it is really best to also move forward in life by doing activities/going back to doing things you are not allowed to do when you are in a relationship. Travel and explore the world, there are a lot of fishes in the ocean!

3. Focus on your itinerary, not your broken memory. This is probably something that would come out of a brokenhearted traveler’s mouth. Again, you will not move forward in life if you keep on focusing on your broken memories. Things has been said and done and it’s best to book a trip somewhere and start building your own solo itinerary.

4. Being single doesn’t make you any less of a person. Sometimes it’s better to travel the world at your own pace. Yes. Going around the world solo is not bad at all. It is only you who can help yourself if you are brokenhearted and you should definitely view the word “single” as an opportunity to learn more about yourself, to learn more about other people and to learn more about the world.

5. It’s not the end of the road. It’s not the end of your adventure. It definitely isn’t! This needs no explaining. You just have to wake up and realize that everything is over so you have to pick yourself up from this tragedy and set your adventure without relying on your ex.

6. It can happen to anyone and it is totally okay. It really happens to a lot of people. Sometimes it is best to talk to your friends about this. A brokenhearted traveler surely knows the ways on how to move one and move forward especially for the fact that both of you experienced the same thing. You have to stand up. Stop caring about your ex. The real lesson here is this: It doesn’t really matter how long will it take for you to move on for it really takes time, what matters is that you lift yourself from the ground the same way you did when you fell from your first surfing lesson.

Love can make your world go round but love isn’t just something that you have to focus on. Travel as much as you can. Go on a vacation. Trust the lessons above, it will surely help!