6 Life Lessons You Learn From Falling In Love With The Wrong Person


After my first love broke my heart, I was in a downward spiral of depression. I didn’t know what to do, where I was going or even how to live a life that wasn’t filled with the love that I was used to. As the months past, I started to realize that maybe the “love of my life” wasn’t coming back and I like so many others in this world had fallen in love with the wrong person. At first, I was constantly thinking about the fact I made a huge mistake and handed my heart over to someone who crushed it into a million little pieces. Slowly but surely, I picked myself up off the ground and discovered that maybe, falling in love with the wrong person was the best thing for myself.

1. When you fall in love you learn a lot about yourself.

And learning about yourself helps you grow overall as a person. When I fell in love, I learned a lot about who I was when I was giving myself to someone else. With everything I revealed, I learned something new.

2. Falling in love with the wrong person helps you discover what you actually desire from the right person.

After my first love and I broke up, I started to look at the relationship. Besides the fact that it didn’t work, I realized things about the love and that person that I wish could have been different. I wished that he would have cared about my passions more, I wished he could have inspired me to make that little extra push, and I wished that he could fulfill my love of romance and get me flowers just because.

3. You learn how to love and be loved.

The obvious, I learned how to love someone with my entire heart and I learned how to accept love from someone else. And that is something I know my future loves will be so excited by.

4. You learn to appreciate things when you have them.

After I lost him, I learned to appreciate the love I had and wished I had treasured it more when I had it. Everyday that we were together, I felt truly blessed but losing him made me realize what I had truly lost. I lost my other half, my partner in crime, my best friend and the first man I loved.

5. Picking yourself up gives you confidence and self-love.

When I had to pick myself up from the bottom, I learned what I loved about myself, I learned that there was nothing that could bring me down and with everyday that past, I became a strong and more confident person.

6. You realize that afterwards, you’re a completely different person.

Falling in love changed me, it made me a completely different person. With everyday that goes by, I am someone who knows what love is and it makes living so much more worth it.