6 Life Tips For Better Days


1. Meeting expectations are so passé.

Now, you might think, “Oh, really?” And you might also take it in a way that you don’t really have to meet expectations. Well sorry to burst your bubble, but no. You actually do. What I really meant was that you don’t just meet expectations, you exceed them. Oh, yes it’s much harder especially because a lot would have the mindset that you’re doing things you didn’t sign up for. Well, let it go. That’s the way it is because although whatever you have signed up for has already been fulfilled, there’s probably that one or one hundred times that you need to go beyond that because of greater reasons that don’t even include yourself. Yes, that’s true. Even if you think of yourself as not that kind of person, you might still find yourself ending up at that point.

2. Supersede a decision, but never take it back.

For the very cliché reason that it was what you wanted at some point, I’m saying that. It’s true anyway. But remember that you can always reverse the effect of decision even without taking it back. You just have to supersede it with another one. My apologies if this seems very parliamentary. It really isn’t supposed to be. Anyway, every decision must’ve had a cause, and at one point, you found it worth it. That’s why I don’t think you should ever take it back. But when the moment comes that you think you’ve given too much, and it isn’t what you thought it was worth, make another decision that will take you to a happier state that you’re meant to be in.

3. Don’t let others tell you who can be happy company.

When there are people that make you happy, even if they’re not who you expected to, let them be. Just enjoy being happy even if you never thought you would be happy in their company. It isn’t a bad thing at all. Don’t be so clouded by what you thought. Or better yet, don’t be clouded by what people told you to think. You might end up so guarded and so closed if you succumb to having others tell you what to do with who. Happiness isn’t just going to come by so easily, so don’t disregard what makes it happen for you.

4. You fall apart, you pick up the pieces.

I guess for some, this is such a loner or anti-social statement. For some, it isn’t. I more of wanted this to come off as the latter, but that’s highly subjective anyway. It’s just that when you fall apart, you’re never really assured that someone’s going to be there to pick up the pieces, and return them to the way it once was, or to the way you want it to. Reality check, you can’t just pick up the pieces. Right, then what? You pick them up so that you can put it back together again. It just so happens that you’re probably the only person who can do that so perfectly, or so well that it’s done the exact way you want it to. Well, that’s in my perspective though I know that it’s going to be a lot harder. Maybe then again, the point of this is not to fall apart in the first place. When you know that you’re gonna end up picking up everything piece  by piece, you’re not going to have breaking down as part of your option. It’s like you’ll be mandated to just go on, and do it unless you want to make it harder for yourself. Staying strong won’t even be a choice.

5. Don’t force yourself into something that isn’t for you.

Now, this might just be so obvious that I might not have even needed to mention it. You know if it’s not for you. You know when you’re just making excuses for yourself. That in itself if kind of stupid, and I’m definite that the excuses are lame. When all the forces of the world are stopping something that you think is supposed to be for you, think again. Is it? Is it, really? Do the things that make you so sure that it is sound legit? If not, then stop fooling yourself. It’s precious time wasted, and unimportant regrets made worse. You don’t just try to build up something, see it fall down a lot, realize that it’s not meant to stand, and just walk away feeling nothing.

6. Good morning, Sunshine! Remember, these are the best days of your life.. So far!

Lastly, I heard that line from one of the old movies I watched recently. The thing is you have to try waking up to that. You have to start your day right, so that you don’t end up with bad days. Also, at our age, I believe that the problems we have now aren’t as difficult as the problems we’ll have in the future. And oh yes, these years in our lives should probably be the best. Think about it. And so far? You can still make each day better.