6 Little, Beautiful Things In Life We Should Appreciate A Little More


What are the little things in life that subconsciously make us smile? How do we find the time to appreciate the things that seem insignificant but truly do change our overall perspective on life. We tend to take these small, but mighty things for granted. Can we really be blamed, though? Between the rush of work, class, homework, house chores, kids, and just the overall hustle and bustle of life in general, it is so easy to let these things slip away. But if you haven’t already, try to take the time to notice a small, but beautiful asset to your life.

1. Beautiful weather.

Because I live in Chicago, the equivalent of nice weather in my eyes is winning the lottery. When it is about 66 degrees, I cannot help but smile even if I am having an awful day. Next time you enjoy the weather, take the time to really enjoy it. Sit outside, take the long way to work or class, and be mindful of the fact that it is not gross outside.

2. When someone notices a minuscule change about you.

I cannot really speak for guys, but I assume that when a guy gets a haircut and gets complimented, they feel the same way we do when a guy notices that about me. We are so accustomed to thinking that the opposite sex does not notice anything about us unless they are sexually attracted or interested in us. But when a good guy friend or even just an acquaintance notices something small like the way I shape my nails or that I got my eyebrows done, it changes something in me. I feel like the little things I do for my own personal hygiene are more than just things I do for myself at that point. Take the time to notice the small things your partner does for you, I promise it will make them fall for you even on an even deeper level.

3. Friends putting you first.

We believe that our friends “owe” it to us to always be there in our times of need. They don’t owe us shit. They are there for us because they have willingly chosen to be. You know those friends that drop everything when you are having a mental breakdown? (Yup, go ahead and think of those people right now.) Keep them forever. Appreciate them. Return the love.

4. Exceeding your expectations on a work project or class assignment.

Let’s face it; we are our own biggest critics. We constantly feel the pressure of being perfect because that’s what socialization has taught us. If you have done better at work or school then you thought, you owe it to yourself to feel good about that achievement. Don’t undermine your scholarship by constantly putting yourself down for a job well done.

5. The so-called “first world problems.”

If you are lucky enough to say “first world problem” after an obvious reason as to why you are far more privileged than most, take the time to appreciate that. The next time you’re in bed and your cell phone charger won’t reach far enough so that you can comfortably text, think about what the problem there is exactly.

6. Having people who support you.

Whether it’s your career choice, your sexual preference, or what you want to eat for dinner, if you have family and friends who support your decisions, it’s really incredible.

I could go on and on about the things we do not always appreciate but I won’t. I will however say this: If you are not happy with your life as of now, take the time to appreciate what is good. Instead of treating the little things as a mere afterthought, treat them as a necessity and an essential part of your happiness.

featured image – Zach Dischner