6 Little Signs They’re Honestly Just Not That Into You


1. They frequently cancel plans.

They are constantly asking to reschedule or take a rain check. When someone is super into you, they want to see you. And they’ll move mountains to make it happen.

2. They won’t respond for days and when they do, they say something like, “Omg, sorry! I thought I texted you back.”

No, they didn’t. Unless they are living off-the-grid, I can pretty much guarantee they had their phone within an arm’s reach. They read your text. Busy or not, if they really liked you, they’d remember to message you back.

3. They seem distracted when you’re hanging out together.

They aren’t fully engaged in the moment. It always seems like they’re thinking about something else or only half there.

4. They’ve never used that blushing smiley emoji.

Call it stupid, but this shit is telling. We are living during the time of The Emoji. If they’re not using that giddy, cute looking one, beware.

5. They never initiate anything.

You’re always the one texting. You’re the one making plans. You’re the one carrying all the weight because tbh, they just don’t really care.

6. They don’t ask you questions.

There’s no effort being made to get to know you or what you like. Even something as simple as, “How was your day?” is never said out of interest, but more out of polite etiquette.