6 Little Signs You’re Definitely Turning Into Your Mom


While growing up, it’s one of the most common phrases you probably heard from your mom—that someday you’d end up being just like her. As a kid, that’s one of the best things you could think of. It means you’ll get to drive around town, not go to school and make some of the best mac and cheese imaginable. As you get a bit older, it may not seem as great as it was, but as time passes, you’ll find it’s actually a strength.

Moms are powerhouses and deserve all the recognition and support in the world. Even if you don’t think it’d be cool to be just like your mom, you’re probably wanting to develop some of her skills without even knowing about it. Do you want to balance a bank account and know the secret to stain removal? Mom has all the answers! Read on to find out some other ways you might find yourself turning into your mom, and then celebrate it together.

1. You Enjoy Cleaning

Having cleaning skills isn’t limited to just moms, but most people can agree that when it came down to who picked up around the house the most, it always ends up being their moms. It’s not that she enjoyed doing fifteen loads of laundry each day while carpooling kids and keeping down a job. She cleaned because she loved her kids, and cleaning can also feel therapeutic.

It’s that same feeling you get when you can finally see the bottom of your sink again or wipe away three months’ worth of mold from your shower drain. You feel accomplished, like your life has been put back together. Hold onto that, because it’s something that you and your mom share now, and it’s something to be proud of. It’s a sign of true responsibility.

2. Older Trends Are Cool Now

Your taste in fashion will change countless times over the course of your life. In high school, you may have fit into one of the classic fashion stereotypes, but now you might find yourself wearing exercise clothes while you’re not at the gym. The transition into mom clothes happens slowly, so you may already be there. Think about your accessories. You probably have a vintage or pendant necklace in your jewelry collection that may have even been your mom’s. Wear the jewelry and clothing that makes you both happy. It’s why you started wearing it in the first place!

3. Home Décor Shops Make You Happy

Walking into the home décor shop with mom is almost any kid’s worst nightmare. As kids, we just couldn’t understand why she liked looking at fake flower arrangements and throw pillows. Now you probably wander those aisles for fun, dreaming of how you can decorate your own living space. It’s a sure sign that you’ve begun turning into your mom.

4. You Tend To Think Worst Case Scenario

Yet another thing that once you start doing it, you’ll realize your mom was right all along! You’ve probably asked your mom for things before that she said no to because of the potential problems that could come out of it. At the time, you just got mad, but now you do that to your friends. They ask you to hang out and you say no because you’re worried you might not sleep enough or spend too much money. This can be smart, just don’t let it keep you from having fun once in a while.

5. Friends Have to Explain the Internet to You

You’re so busy with school or work that you just aren’t on the internet like you were back in the day. Friends now have to explain memes and trends to you. (“What do you mean, Instagram stories?”) You used to do it for your mom back in the day, and now you’re both in the same boat. That isn’t a bad thing! Now you can be confused together and laugh at the things you find, even if everyone already saw it weeks ago.

6. You Handle Responsibilities Like A Pro

One of the things that makes moms great is their ability to do five hundred things at once. You needed her to pack your lunch, brush your hair and make your breakfast, and she did that while also getting herself ready for the day too. Now you find yourself able to do the same thing, so celebrate it! It’s a skill that takes time to learn, and once you have it, you’ll know you’ve made it to adulthood. And if you’re still struggling in that area, there are easy tips for multitasking better that you can try.

Turning into your mom has the cultural stigma of being a bad thing, but it can actually be what helps you cross the threshold into successful adulthood. Embrace the changes and celebrate them when you recognize them! They’ll help you make your life so much easier, even if you still find yourself calling your mom for help sometimes.