6 Love Affairs In History That Would’ve Made Great Romantic Comedies


1. In Fate’s Hands (Abraham & Sarah)


Synopsis: A company man and his loving wife must adapt to raising their only son after an unexpected pregnancy. Things get crazy when Abraham takes his young son on business trip, in an attempt to win over his demanding boss. Will the family ever be the same?

Starring: Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep

2. Business Ethics (Mark Antony & Cleopatra)

Synopsis: What starts out as a standard meeting between two rival companies quickly turns into a steamy love affair between two powerful CEOs. But when word of their romance gets out, will they be able to keep their respective companies afloat?

Starring: Josh Brolin, Mila Kunis

3. Head Games (Henry VIII and Ann Boleyn)

Synopsis: A young, upstart socialite gives up everything for a girl who just doesn’t do casual relationships, to the great disapproval of many of his friends and family. But is the forbidden thrill enough to keep this marriage in one piece?

Starring:  Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway

4. Sacrebleu! (Napoleon & Josephine)

Synopsis: A quirky yet ambitious French man seeks to better his societal standing by going after a much wealthier woman. She’s at first appalled, but slowly comes to appreciate his fiery allure. But will it be too late?

Starring: Tom Cruise, Allison Williams

5. The Battlefields Of Life (George & Martha Washington)

Synopsis: A decorated, retired war hero and his wife are all but pressured into accepting a high profile political job. Can this old and grizzled couple adapt to life behind a desk?

Starring: Michael Caine, Betty White

6. Oval Office Wifi (Barack & Michelle)

Synopsis: The President and The First Lady must manage a topsy-turvy world where things like twerking, the Ark Music Factory , and obscure subreddits take precedence over real-world issues. To make matters worse, they can’t seem to find anyone to operate their website–a passion project they’ve been working on for years.

Starring: Denzel Washington, Kerry Washington