6 Magical Cosmetic Items You Need To Be Ready For Anything Like Mary Poppins


Most little girls dream about one day becoming a Disney Princess, but do any ever dream of being Mary Poppins? Whether you know it or not, you have channeled your inner Mary Poppins by purchasing that large purse in your closet in order to fit the items you need. The ultimate babysitter had everything one could possibly need in her bag, ranging from an umbrella to medicine. Living in this era, you would think that there would be technology that could create such a magical bag as hers, but unfortunately there is not; which is why I have devised a list of must-have beauty products that we can take in our purse and won’t weigh us down. Aside from carrying the essentials such as your keys, wallet, and cell phone, here are the top 6 cosmetics that you would not believe have a multi-purpose.

1. Lip Tint

Lip tint can be used to add color to not only your lips, but your cheeks as well.

2. Lip Balm

Aside from moisturizing your lips, lip balm could also be used to hydrate the cuticles around your nails.

3. Hand Lotion

It’s a good idea to take hand lotion with you in your purse because aside from it being used as a moisturizer, small amounts of it could also be used as an anti-frizz for your hair.

4. Bobby Pins

It’s weird to think that bobby pins could serve another purpose aside from just holding hair together, but they do. Although it doesn’t happen too often, zipper handles break and it is always a struggle trying to somehow move that zipper piece up and down. With a bobby pin handy though, slightly part open the pin and slide it through the hole from where the zipper handle broke off from and glide your zipper.

5. Rollerball Perfume

The best part about roller perfume is its size, making it so convenient to take with you anywhere. Whether you are coming from the gym or from class, it is always good to freshen up and roll some perfume on when you are on the go. Prices vary depending on which perfume you choose, but a personal favorite is the Daisy fragrance by Marc Jacobs, which is about $22.

6. Band-Aids

Every girl has at least one uncomfortable pair of heels or ballet flats that leave us with blisters and always wishing we had Band-Aids. Next time you go out, remember to throw in a couple in your purse to avoid blisters or at least help them heal faster. Believe it or not, Band-Aids could also be used as a cheaper alternative for pasties. If you decide to free-boob it, try using Band-Aids to cover up and avoid a nip-slip.

image – Mary Poppins