6 More Breaking Bad Spinoffs For You To Think About


As we’re all aware, the great Bob Odenkirk will star in Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul. Breaking Bad is so full of memorable characters, though, that any number of its cast members could carry a spinoff of their own. Given that kid’s science show Pinkman’s World and workplace comedy Heisenburgers have already been minor memes, here are a few BB-adjacent shows I’d like to see.

1. Huell’s The Boss

Shaken up by his encounter with DEA agents Schrader and Gomez, Huell Babineaux (Lavell Crawford) decides to get the heck out of ABQ. He flees to the greater Boston area where he works as a nanny taking care of the children of former business associate Kuby (Bill Burr) and living with Kuby’s ex-wife Lauren Walsh (Laura Prepon).

Potential Episodes:

After extracting a joint from the pocket Donny Wahlberg Walsh, Lauren’s oldest son, Huell gives the young man a talk on the dangers of drug use he won’t soon forget.

Huell is detained by a racist Boston PD officer and is stunned when his lawyer doesn’t offer to help “send the cop on a trip to Belize.” Eventually, Kuby returns to New England and reconciles with the officer, who is his brother.

2. Badge To The Future

A species of highly intelligent, time-traveling extraterrestrials abducts Brandon “Badger” Mayhew (Matt L. Jones) and transports him to the 24th Century. Though Badger at first feels afraid of his new surroundings, his encyclopedic knowledge of science fiction allows him to help the alien crew solve their interstellar conflicts.

3. Potential Episodes:

Badger is secretly abducted and put on trial for the crimes of the human race even though he demands: “Are you an undercover space tribunal? You have to tell me if you’re an undercover space tribunal!”

After much hectoring, Badger convinces the crew to hold a chili cook-off, which ends in a draw after every officer uses the ship’s replicator to synthesize the perfect recipe.

4. ¡Vámonos Juntos! (Let’s Go Together!)

Before he met Walter White (Bryan Cranston), Todd Alquist (Jesse Plemons) was just a young man working at Vámonos pest control, looking for love, and (probably) denying the holocaust. Vámonos Juntos follows Todd’s misadventures wrangling Albuquerque’s rodents and pursuing the city’s tightly wound businesswomen.

Potential Episodes:

Todd’s new Jewish girlfriend (played by Alison Brie) agrees to spend Thanksgiving with his family, but she is unnerved by Uncle Jack’s swastika tattoos.

Todd is assigned to eliminate the pests in a local home, but he misunderstands the request and murder’s the family’s children in cold blood rather than spraying for termites.

5. The Purple Room

Marie Schrader (Betsy Brandt), reeling from the shock of her husband Hank’s death invests his pension money into a downtown nightclub called The Purple Room. She composes the club’s EDM soundtrack herself under the name DJ Mariemix. The club’s tasteful décor has all been hand-shoplifted by Marie from local open houses.

Potential Episodes:

Marie has trouble coping with the stress of running a popular nightspot but refuses to discuss any details of her situation with her therapist.
The success of The Purple Room leads Marie to consider opening ABQ ROCKS, a bar furnished with her late husband’s mineral collection.

6. Wafflin’

Walter White Jr. (RJ Mitte) is all grown up and running for city council. He enjoys enormous popularity thanks to the excellence of Flynncakes, his chain of breakfast restaurants. Unfortunately, he can’t make up his mind on any of the issues. This hour-long dramedy follow’s White’s campaign and (SPOILER) tenure as councilman.

Potential Episodes:

Flynn’s platform of improved handicap access is mocked by his opponent, professional swingset swinger Kaylee Ehrmantraut.

Scandal breaks out when it’s revealed that Flynn uses a pancake recipe he learned from his father, drug kingpin Walter White.