6 Painfully Annoying Behaviors On Social Media That Need To Stop ASAP


Social media is around to stay so there is no point in being rebellious and not getting involved. We all need to be careful about what we post, because many of these things can come back to haunt us later. Even though something might start off as a joke or a funny picture, it could become something your embarrassed and ashamed of.

I understand that our world revolves around the Internet and our smartphones, but somehow we have lost the way we interact with each other in-person. It is almost like we rely too much on our phones to feel like we are not missing out on real world experiences. Since social media is growing and changing, there are some impersonal and annoying things, in my opinion, that need to stop.

1. When people give their kids social media accounts

Have you ever noticed that celebrities or reality personalities have been giving their babies and toddlers Instagram and Twitter accounts? I just don’t understand what the purpose is. Why does your kid need an Instagram account if you could just post a photo on your own page of them being cute? I also find this a little disturbing that even before the child can form his or her own thoughts and opinions, photos and captions are posted all over the internet. Most people are embarrassed by their baby pictures, so how will your child feel, years from now, with these things all over the Internet?

2. Excessive taking of selfies

We all take selfies. With social media platforms like Snapchat, which encourages the taking of selfies, it is inevitable that this picture taking habit has become a part of the norm in our society. I know so many people who spend a lot of their time taking hundreds and even thousands of photos of themselves to find the best angle and the best photo to post. I don’t know about you, but I cant stand when self-absorbed people constantly post photos of themselves all day long.

I don’t mind if it is a person who posts a photo from a fun night out or is having a great day so posts one selfie, but I don’t want to see photos of you as you go throughout your day. For example, there are people who posts photos of them with their Starbucks cup, a photo because their having an awesome hair day, or even a photo when the lighting is good – to me, this just screams “someone pay attention to me”. Instead, people should post photos that have a meaning or a purpose instead of randomly putting up a photo because they are bored.

3. Passive aggressive posts

We have all come across these people on Facebook or Twitter, the person who is dealing with something and then posts passive aggressive posts about their problems over and over again. I have actually had a person on my Facebook feed post about some guy who was stalking her and trying to break into her house – instead of calling the police she was posting excessively on her Facebook page about what was happening.

Why would you post on Facebook constantly, there was a serious problem and instead of taking action she turned to social media. No one “liked” or commented on her posts because I’m sure everyone else thought, “hey this girl needs to get her priorities straight and call the police”. Social media is fun, but if there is a real problem going on call the police or keep it private and deal with it – you don’t need to broadcast your entire life for the rest of the world. It seems that celebrities are working hard to keep their lives private when the rest of us are trying to get noticed in some way by our peers.

4. Using too many hashtags

The hashtag can be great, but it can get annoying. I’m sure we have all seen posts where people use 10 or more hashtags in one caption. What is the purpose of this? To know that you felt that the moment this picture was captures you were “#funnight #unreal #paradise #throwback #bestfriend…” and so on. It just gets overused sometimes and then it looses its purpose. I love when people post #tbt, #mcm, or even #wcw because they all have a purpose and are for fun. The excessive use of hashtags is unnecessary and annoying. Enough said.

5. Having a “like” equal a thank you

I love when Facebook tells me it is someone’s birthday because most of the time I forget and it’s a great reminder that I should text my friend or write on their wall. If someone takes the time to wish you happy birthday or congrats on a big accomplishment, then it is appropriate to say thank you – am I right? I know that we all get the obnoxious hundreds of birthday wishes and can’t respond to them all, but its just common courtesy to reply in a friendly manner. You wouldn’t say “like” if someone congratulated you or wished you happy birthday in person, so why do it on social media.

6. Bullying

With all of the social media platforms around, it is no wonder that people feel the need to speak and voice their opinions publicly. It is so easy for people to sit behind their computer screens and say something online that they wouldn’t normally admit to someone’s face. Many of these words can be damaging, especially to young teens that are not confident being who they are. I don’t think people need to be as mean and vicious as they are online.

The world will be a much better place when people just start being nicer to each other. I’m not saying you have to like everyone you come in contact with, because those chances are slim, but being mean online seems pointless and a waste of time. You’re hurting other people’s feelings, and instead of hiding behind your computer, express your concerns or let the issue go. We should all start living by the old rule of “treat people how you want to be treated.”

All in all, I’m not saying that all of these behaviors are bad, it is only when they are overdone or overused. I love how social media has become a huge thing we use everyday in our world, but just keep in mind how something you do might be perceived as annoying to others.

Another good solution, if someone on social media is bothering you, just un-friend them or block them from your news feed – this will be a temporary solution of this problem. Hopefully the person you block is not a good friend, then there might be some problems. Like I said before, social media is here to stay, so we might as well embrace it!

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