6 People On Why They Love Being In Their 30s


1. Lee, 34

Everything I wanted in my 20s has been nicely falling into place since I turned 30. I definitely needed my outgoing carefree fuck-the-world self to get me here, though. I have seen my carefree ways diminish and honestly, I miss that. I’m more cautious, great. I think about things more, awesome. But I kind of liked it when I didn’t…

2. Lysa, 31

I’ve found myself generally healthier mentally in my 30s. My self-esteem has increased and I’m less likely to get walked on than when I was in my 20s. I used to be a people pleaser and now the only person I’m concerned with pleasing is me. I am also a bigger risk taker now. I have the “now or never” mindset which is both positive and negative. I just care more about myself…as terrible as that sounds! If something doesn’t make me happy, I generally don’t do it. Whereas, in my 20s, I would do whatever it took to make others smile.

3. Steven, 36

I love my 20s and what it taught me but my 30s brought me into a whole new life. I would’ve still been “stuck” in my life, doing the same things and thinking the same way I’d been in my 20s. Even though the 30s brought me into a little of debt and has allowed to me to see the true side of people, I wouldn’t change it.

4. Benita, 35

The 20s are a period of trial and error. In my 30s, I realize that if you cut the things and people out of your life that don’t add to your happiness, life gets better.

5. Dania, 31

The drinking mistakes are over with in your 30s. A controlled buzz in your 30s is much better than getting wasted in your 20s! Also, I love myself a little more in my 30s — realizing what truly makes me happy in life — most of it is the simple things.

6. Mel, 38

I think in my 20s, I was more convinced I had it all right. Now in my 30s, I realize how little I know and how much I have to learn. Also, I think I am more tolerant of people who would have driven me crazy in my 20s. I have real life stuff going on. I do not have time to hate you! I’ll just accept all your craziness if that means we can just keep moving forward. Now, I like/dislike people for completely different reasons.