6 Positive Affirmations For Working Women


In our chaotic world of side hustles, coffee dates, happy hours, family dinners, and everything else we fit into our sacred hours outside of work, it is increasingly easy to toe the line of burning out. For some, this constant sense of being on the go is exhilarating; for others, it’s exhausting. Whether this perpetual motion fuels your tank or leaves you feeling spent, take a moment to check in with yourself, examine your life and relationships, and ruminate on some positive thoughts and challenges.

1. I will not spend 1/7th of my life hating Mondays.

Why is it that we get so excited for the beginning of the new year but not the beginning of a new week? Fresh starts and resolutions are so energizing on January 1, but we don’t afford Monday morning the same opportunity. Challenge yourself to look at a new week with the same sense of rejuvenation. Set a goal or take a leap one week at a time, and don’t let your life be any less spectacular once the weekend is done.

2. Leisure is okay.

These days we are constantly plugged in. We can work from our phones at all hours of the day, we’re inundated with information about side hustles, and we answer the question, “How are you?” with, “Busy, you?” Now, I am a firm believer that busyness is okay, but we should never feel guilty for taking time for ourselves. Hobbies have value because they make us feel happy and fulfilled. Embrace the opportunities in your life to do something purely for the joy of it.

3. Discernment is a process, not a goal.

How many times have we heard people say they’re “figuring it out”? Or, to take it a step further, how many times have we told someone we’re “figuring it out”? The idea of “figuring it out” implies that we will one day arrive, but we will always be striving for more, and with each goal comes a new fork in the road and, in turn, more to figure out. Let discernment and consideration fill your every decision, love and trust this process, and take solace in the knowledge that every step we take toward “figuring it out” is practice for the next one.

4. My talents matter because nobody else has them.

Each of us has something specific and unparalleled to offer. Whether with our families, in our workspaces, or in any of our other communities, we each have gifts that nobody else has, and if we don’t offer them, nobody else can. Take pride in your ability to listen, your eye for design, your joyful presence, or whatever it is that you radiate to those around you. Have confidence that even if we may struggle to identify those gifts in ourselves, we are living them loudly and clearly and our neighbors notice.

5. I am brave enough to be a beginner.

I love social media for its ability to show me my friends’ successes. This can be dangerous, however, as we rarely see the journey there or a progress report, but merely the finished product. Never forget that we were all beginners at some point. Be brave enough to be a beginner at something new, be strong enough to refrain from comparing your progress with another’s, be determined enough to move up the ranks, and be confident that you won’t be a beginner forever!

6. The best investment I’ll ever make is in myself.

All my life, my dad has told me that the power in life is having choices. What I’ve come to learn in addition to that is that choices beget other choices. We’ve chosen a certain major or a particular job, and this exposes us to a web of other decisions about our workplace deportment, our free time, our relationships—the list goes on. When facing these decisions, however, we can never forget the common denominator: ourselves. Choose success and happiness for yourself. Read books that inspire you, watch movies that bring you joy, get the sleep you need, drink water, stop to smell a rose or pet a dog. Spend the time to discover what it means for you to invest in yourself and commit to it, even when it’s challenging. Invest in yourself and let your mindset and lifestyle and productivity reap the benefits.