6 Premium Whiskey Drinks And Their Perfect Pairings



Whether on the rocks, in a mixed drink, or served neat, everyone has their preferred way of drinking excellent whiskey. But what goes effortlessly with each drink experience? In partnership with Jim Beam, we bring you the perfect pairings to each premium whiskey drink.

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Enjoy our list of whiskey pairings below, but remember, as Fred Noe – Jim Beam’s 7th Generation Master Distiller – says, “enjoy it any dang way you please!”

1. Neat.

Whiskey neat is often referred to as the best way to impress your bartender, and for good reason. It shows an interest in getting to know the simple, pure taste of what you’re drinking. You might enjoy slowly sipping and savoring whiskey neat while listening to a nice jazz album, as smooth, rich and complex as the drink you’re enjoying.

2. On the rocks.

Similar to the whiskey neat, a super-premium drink like Jim Beam® Single Barrel deserves a presentation that enhances it slightly without distracting from the flavor. A few ice cubes turn an excellent bourbon into the ideal drink for an elegant summer rooftop party. Like the rooftop itself, it has the perfect balance of nuanced flavor and refreshment.

3. Sours.

Sours are known for their bold, tangy, almost nostalgic flavor — they remind you of the lemonades you used to sell for a quarter in front of your house when you were a kid. Nothing goes better with that sour-sweet taste than a casual BBQ with your closest friends. It’s the flavors of summer, done best with a perfect whiskey sour in hand.

4. Old-fashioned.

The drink describes the situation – classic, vintage, old-fashioned. And it makes the perfect drink before a classic steak dinner with colleagues. It has those classic aperitif profiles, getting you ready for a traditional meal, and no drink goes better with the big leather booths and impeccable service of an old-fashioned steakhouse.

5. Ginger Ale.

Ginger Ale is all about mixing things up and taking the unexpected route to incredible taste. The little prickle in the nose and the sharp sweetness deserve something equally fun — like a night out dancing with a special someone. With live music, creative dance moves, and just a little bit of spice, it’s the perfect echo to what goes into a good whiskey ginger ale.

6. With cola.

There is a very simple pleasure in a good whiskey cola, with all of the flavors you know by heart in a great combination. It calls for a simple but excellent ambiance, like having good friends over to watch a favorite film. Sometimes you’ll all call out the dialogue with the actors on screen, just because you know it all so well – and few things go with a throwback “night in” like a flavor everyone trusts, such as whiskey and cola.

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