6 Purrrfectly Adorable Animal Cafes Around The World


I’d like to submit a proposal to Thought Catalog to officially send me to every single animal cafe around the world! Or, at the very least, Japan. Seriously, though, who knew there were so many wonderfully weird and adorable animal cafes in this big, crazy world of ours. Here are the top 6 cafes you can find some cute (and kind of weird) animals to hang out with while you enjoy your cup of java.

1. Sheep Cafe – Seoul, South Korea


Sheep are cool because they have these big ol’ eyes and wooly coats that are fun to pet.

2. Owl Cafe – Tokyo, Japan

I never really understood why owls became so trendy amongst hipster girls in the past few years, but either way, I’d still go to this owl cafe because you have to admit, they’re pretty cute.

3. Cat Cafe – New York, New York


I would go to this cafe solely based off the fact its name is Meow Parlour. Actually, now that I think about it, the next time Chrissy Stockton and I are visiting New York together I’m going to suggest we work from here one afternoon. How could she possibly say no??

4. Bunny Cafe – Tokyo, Japan

Floppy, furry, fluffy little bunnies flopping all around while I’m drinking tea? Yes, please!

5. Penguin Bar – Tokyo, Japan

Japan clearly has a soft spot for penguins as they have at least 4 different penguin bars. Watch them swim, dive, be cute, whatever! Get drunk and eat tasty food while watching these little guys waddle around.

6. Bird and Reptile Cafe – Hanoi, Vietnam


So, out of all of the cafes I’m not sure how much I’d be into this one. Reptiles are cool, birds can be interesting, and I’m very into the idea of hanging with their hedgehog, but this cafe is also known to have lots of other “miscellaneous pets” like tarantulas. Think I’m gonna have to say no to this one.

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