6 Real Talk Reasons Why You Need To Always Have Your Own Back


1. Because nobody else will.

You have to show up, and stand up, for yourself every single minute of every day. You, and solely you, are responsible for the direction your life goes in, and the statement you choose to make with it. We will be treated the way that we allow others to treat us. The sad truth is that most people here are selfishly looking out for themselves and their own best interests. That won’t change anytime soon. Sometimes you just have to push back, even if it doesn’t come naturally to you. Don’t be idly waiting for anyone to step in and save you, because you might just find yourself waiting forever.

2. It gets easier with a little practice, I promise.

The first time you go out on a limb and really put yourself out there, it will be nerve wracking and scary, because you’re navigating uncharted waters. The second time, it will be not much, but a little, easier. Before you know it, you’ll step out of line without even thinking twice. It is that very strength that you need to squash all negative energy, and to separate yourself from the people who will inevitably try and pull you down to their level. This is a skill that your future self will thank you for mastering when you did. There is no time like today to start standing up.

3. There are too many conformists and followers in our world.

The ones who will never voice their true opinions. The ones who are afraid of facing their fears. The ones who hide who they are. The ones who will never find their way out of the matrix. The world is always looking for, and will richly reward, a true original. What a sad place it would be if we all dressed identically, thought the exact same thoughts, answered questions with the same answers, and mirrored the actions of the person next to us at all times. Just because no one else is speaking up, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Someone always has to be the first… it might as well be you.

4. Even though it’s the tougher, more trying, thing to do – it’s what is right.

No one said that it was easy, but it’s better to be in a temporary state of discomfort, than to ignore the innate signals from your moral compass. Don’t ever disrespect yourself in that way; you deserve far better. Even when everybody is trying their best to make you second guess yourself and spiral into self-doubt – do not falter. Stay strong in your spirit and the message you are carrying; for no one else will be carrying the same one as you.

5. You never know who’s watching and noticing, and silently admiring you…

Because sometimes, the people around us are yet to muster the courage to do this for themselves, so we must come to their aid, as we hoped others would do for us; before we found our own inner strength. Every feeling that we radiate out into the world is felt; whether subtly or greatly. A person’s good energy is always contagious. You never know who you might be inspiring – you might just be someone’s role model, and how unexpectedly awesome would that be?

6. And know that everything will be okay.

It might not feel like it at the time. You may feel as though you should’ve remained silent. Know that your actions will no doubt have consequences, and you must be able to live with these. But to honour your heart and spirit is all any of us on earth are here to do. Life really is that simple. When you stay true to yourself, you will not go wrong. Always do what you believe to be right, and always stand up for yourself, because nobody else will.