6 Reasons Why Admitting You’re Not Okay Can Actually Lead You Closer To Real Happiness


We always want to be seen as the tough ones who know exactly how to put their ducks in a row and who knows exactly what to do when life throws an awful lot of difficulties to our faces. We sometimes tend to fear the thought of admitting we’re not okay simply because we think admitting it means admitting our defeat and allowing our weaknesses to dominate in our lives. But admitting your moments of weakness can actually he helpful, admitting you’re okay may even be your one step towards picking yourself up, moving forward, and getting even stronger.

1. Admitting you’re not okay gives you a whole new sense of freedom because this time you are freeing yourself from the idea that the strongest people are always okay despite everything.

Admitting you’re not okay from time to time gets you to take off the burden of proving people you always got everything in place. We can’t always have everything in place, and accepting that can actually be your breather. This can be your break from being someone who always knows what to do.

2. Admitting you’re not okay can help you slow things down.

It’ll help you go through each phase you have to go through at your own pace. You don’t have put too much pressure on yourself just so you can show everyone you’re fine and moving on. You’re dealing with yourself, and no one should be judging you on how you cope on all these pains you’re going through. Taking your time to rebuild yourself from scratch is so much better than always declaring you’re fine all the time because once you finally say you’re okay, it’s genuine.

3. Admitting you’re not okay means you’ll get to understand how your weakness will only make you stronger in the long run.

It’ll help you build a whole new perspective of yourself. Not only will it help you know yourself more, but it’ll also help you discover more of your strengths from the weaknesses you’ve come to admit you have. It’ll eventually make you see the beauty behind all these awful things, and once you’ve gotten this, it’s going to be hella hard for people to take these perspectives from you again.

4. Admitting you’re not okay can bring you to the people who actually do care for you, and this will make you realize how you’re not alone in this.

You’ll see those people who meant it when they once told you they got your back. And as you’re on the process of being okay and moving forward, they’re going to be there for you. The process, no matter how difficult, might become a lot lighter with all these people behind you.

5. Admitting you’re not okay gets you to open yourself to all other ways to actually make yourself better.

Acting tough all the time makes it difficult to figure out how you’re gonna feel better simply because all you get to think would probably be how you’d prove people you are indeed strong. You’re too busy to work on your facade that you forget what you really have to work on – and that’s being better for real.

6. Admitting you’re not okay means you’ve grown enough to know and understand that not all the time people should see how tough you are.

Admitting you’re not okay and that you’re still on the process of moving forward, and knowing and accepting you still have such a long way to go prove how mature you are to embrace the bumpy roads you know are going to be part of you.

You won’t be afraid to face yet another challenge that’s in store for you. You’ll finally understand that admitting you’re not okay isn’t a sign of weakness but a sign of you getting stronger.