6 Reasons Why Being 20 Is Literally So Magical And Everyone Should Be Jealous


If I had a Starbucks Almond Cappuccino for every time someone older me said “To be 20 again,” I’d actually save enough money to pay off my tuition.

20. What a special and magical age, or so I’m told. Seriously, I have friends who are 25 and are jealous of my age. Why wouldn’t they be? The sky’s the limit when you’re 20.

1. Not being able to legally drink.

I love getting dressed up for a night out in the city with my friends only to get left outside the bar by myself because I’m not old enough to drink. Wow, it’s great being a legal adult right? I can buy guns, go to war, vote, but I can’t get one cosmo. 20 is perfect because you’re right there. You’re in your 20s and you can’t enjoy any of it.

2. Being poor.

I love walking by the hobos of Manhattan and thinking to myself “I probably need that money more than you.” 20 is great because you have no real qualifications, you have little time to actually work for money, and you’ve already spent $100,000 you don’t have on an education you may or may not use. It’s nice to not be able to afford anything. Vacations, good food, clothes, shoes. If I’m being honest, even if I was 21, it wouldn’t make a difference because I’m too poor to actually afford alcohol. I have my youth, my freedom, my health, and no money to enjoy it.

3. Never being taken seriously.

It’s great being around people who are slightly older than you, whether at work or in your own friend group because they just love to treat you like a kid. 20 is young, but for Christ’s sake stop talking to me like I’m 15. If you offer any sort of logical insight that is backed by intuition, get ready to hear something along the lines of, “Because you would know so much at 20 right?” (Sarcasm intended.) Wow. They’re probably right though, what do I actually know about anything?

4. Lack of faith in your financial future.

I love to start my beautiful 20-year-old mornings all the same: questioning whether or not I’m actually going to make it in life. Will I get my dream job? Will I find financial stability? Will I ever get my own apartment that I can actually afford? Will I ever go to Europe? Just the kind of stress and anxiety every 20-year-old needs—it helps us look older when we’re trying to sneak into bars.

5. Requiring the constant support of your parents.

I love being financially dependent on my parents. It’s so freeing.

6. Having to call your mom every day because you don’t know how to complete simple adult tasks.

I remember the first job I got when I left home. I was so excited. I was working in the city just as I always dreamed, I was making a life of my own, I was getting started. On my first day, I had to fill out W-2s and let me tell you, I literally shit my pants. So I spent my first day on the phone with my mom in my boss’s office trying to fill out all this paperwork, ringing in adulthood.

Forever 20, am I right?