6 Reasons Why Being Perpetually Single Is Not A Bad Thing


If you’re not that friend, then you definitely have that friend – the one who’s perpetually single. They complain about it, they bitch about it and they consistently whine about how much they would love to have a significant other. Some of you have friends that talk about it so much that you want to grab them by the shoulders and shake them just so they will stop.

The grass is always greener on the other side, they say.

But from one constantly single person to another, being unattached is NOT a bad thing. I know pop culture and the media has pretty much drilled into our minds our entire lives that having a boyfriend or girlfriend is pretty much the best thing imaginable – and that if you don’t have one something, must be wrong with you because your dream person is just waiting for you to accidentally knock over their coffee but in a cute and sexy way and instantly fall in love.

Yeah, okay.

Don’t get me wrong, relationships can definitely be amazing, but they also take a lot of time and work. And one day I’ll meet someone that will make me want to put in that effort, but until then, here are six great reasons why being single is pretty awesome too.

1. You learn to be independent

Thomas J. Watson once said to “follow the path of the unsafe, independent, thinker. Expose your ideas to the danger of controversy. Speak your mind and fear less the label of ‘crackpot’ than the stigma of conformity.” If there’s one thing you take away from reading this article, let it be that. If you don’t want to listen to me, at least listen to TJW because he built IBM into the one of the largest companies in the world, so I’m pretty sure he knows what he’s talking about.

This quote is great for all facets of your life but also apply it to your life as a single person. When you’re single you can be that fiercely independent person. Be the crackpot thinker and don’t think twice about it. I even guarantee once you start acting like your flawless, fine, fierce, and independent self you will actually start attracting more and more people. They will feed off of your newfound and open energy and you will inspire them to do the same.

2. You have your own interests

Being single is great because you get to find and explore your own interests. You can watch whatever tv shows you want. See whatever movie you want. Immerse yourself in what ever makes you happy. The beauty of being single is that you don’t ever need to compromise because it’s just you, yourself, and you again. You won’t ever need to be a fake sports fan, or pretend to have enjoyed that WWE fight. You don’t need to pretend you didn’t hate that new Ryan Gosling movie. No one knows exactly what you like or want like you do, so have your own interests and own them. They’re what make you uniquely you, after all.

3.Your best friends are your soul mates

Having never been in a truly serious relationship, I had to rely on other people to be my best friends and share my life with. Personally, I would be lost without my friends. They are my true soul mates. They are the ones I can laugh and cry with. They are the ones that will always be there for me and me for them. And they are the ones I can stay up with until three in the morning laughing my ass off and loving every second of it. Everyone always says it, but it’s true: relationships come and go but real friends are forever. When fuckboy number one screws you over for the millionth time, your friends will be there to pick up the pieces. When you finally get the job you’ve been dreaming about your friends will be there to celebrate with you. Plus, you can’t really talk about that weird and embarrassing chin hair that seemed to grow in over night with your boyfriend, or maybe you can, I wouldn’t know.

4. You can have fun solo

Life is about having FUN. And if you are able to find ways to have fun on your own, life will be that much richer. Find things that you love to do, with and without other people. Go to that funky new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. See that band you wanted to see. Go to that painting class that’s been your secret dream. You won’t be able to become the next Jeff Koons if you never try. You might hate it, but if so, then on to the next dream! It can even be as simple as having a solo naked dance party in your room. Just do it. I promise you won’t regret it. Having fun alone is the best gift you can give to yourself, so TREAT YO SELF.

5. You can be selfish

Take a page out of the Kim Kardashian handbook and be SELFISH. When you’re single you have the luxury to literally do whatever you want, so take full advantage. When you’re in a relationship you always have to be thinking about someone else. What do they want to do? Will they be mad if I do this? Or that? What are we going to do together? Will they be pissed if I don’t go to that thing with them? Your lives are tied together. Relationships can be fun, but they can also be exhausting. So be selfish now while you have the chance, because one day you will blend your life with another person’s and that luxury will be taken away.


Possibly the best part about being single is all the freedom you have. You are unattached and uninhibited and that is an AMAZING thing. You have the freedom to do or be whoever you want. Be that person who’s always down to whatever. Move to a new city. Travel the world. Just say yes. You want to take that cute guy from the bar home? Do it. You want to be a makeout slut? Go for it. The world is your oyster. No one is holding you back except for yourself so get out of your own head, because no one else is going to be able do that for you. Your mom might still make your doctor’s appointments, but the only person in control of how happy you are or how much fun you’re having is you – so go out there and have the time of your fucking life.

Look, there are two sides to every coin. There are many amazing facets of being in a relationship and falling in love. You can learn a lot from them and they can enrich your life in ways you never would have imagined. This is just a little shout out to all the perpetually single people out there that being single can be fun too. Go out there, live it up, and enjoy it, because like Drake said, you only live once, so party on with your bad self.