6 Reasons Why Generous People Are The Happiest People To Be Around


1. You haven’t realized it yet but you’ve been hearing compliments from people telling you of how generous you are.

This isn’t for the sake of your ego. No, actually you just have this personality of not giving a damn about the little things you do that might have created huge deals for others. And it happens a lot. Your impact matters to them no matter how little of a favor it was to you. The things you do that you’re not actually aware of are actually the moments you need to treasure the most because it is when sincerity is utmost felt.

2. You often prefer not to be credited for what you’ve done.

Part of this is because you don’t know how to properly react to compliments. You feel awkward rather than flattered. You don’t like the idea of being broadcasted because for you it isn’t rewarding. Your name is just a name and it stays that way. You’ll never need credit because you never really aimed for that at the first place.

3. You are very empathetic.

Because you value every detail. You tend to offer yourself a lot because you hate the feeling of being cast out. You have the greatest empathy for everyone and you want no one to get left behind. People may sometimes overestimate your thoughtfulness and they rely on you at most times. Just please don’t overdo your kindness. Just don’t.

4. Your success is everybody else’s happiness.

The word selfless is just an understatement to describe you. For your world revolves around the people you love. It has always been them before yourself. You rip your own abundance and shower everybody around. You happiness is theirs even if that means having to surrender your all. You’re always the giver but never expect anything in return.

5. You own the biggest heart.

You are the easiest to love because your heart contains the biggest dreams. It carries the heaviest burdens on your shoulders yet stays the strongest. You are devoted and very altruistic. You have the perfect image of the world in your mind and the way it should be. With you around, the world can actually be a better place. You have the energy to revitalize people to do even more good. You are capable of striking people’s lives just by the kindness of your heart.

6. You are far beyond blessed.

Because you choose to share your richness. Your blessings double the moment you share it genuinely with others. You count memories that can never be measured by any amount of money. For you life is love and nothing survives without it. Your world will never revolve around any quantity. If you think you are grateful enough you can only imagine how thankful everybody else is just by your mere presence. Remember, you are blessed because you deserve it.