6 Reasons Why Going Abroad Is Even Better After Graduation


You’ve experienced the hangovers in 8 AM lectures and the Red Bull driven deadlines. Now you’re wondering what you should do after graduation. Maybe you should take a breather and visit another country, and here are 6 reasons why…

1. Freeeeedom!

What could be a better option than after 3 or 4 years of hard work and a morbid, unsocial final year than to go to another country and experience a different culture? After endless evenings of eating beans and toast (which is totally fine) and staring at endless Microsoft Word documents, perhaps some eating some new exotic mental food whilst wandering around some old cobble streets, a futuristic museum or a remote beach doesn’t sound too bad. Go for it, you deserve a nice break!

2. Perspective

Sometimes, after spending the majority our university life with a schedule and lectures at the same time every week, we need a little perspective of what is really important in life. Yes- attending lectures and achieving good grades are important if you want a decent degree. But, maybe those things are not important if you want to lead a happy life. Will that 63% in your 19th renaissance module really matter when you’re 36 years old? So, whether you get a good final mark or bad final mark in your degree, travelling, visiting, or even living somewhere different, to see how other people live and see spectacular sites will gain you a little perspective in life and reassure you that life does go on and that pressure from society that says to get somewhere you need a degree, isn’t true at all.

3. Travel chums

Do not worry if you cannot find anyone to travel with you or join you on your adventures, you will most definitely meet new people along the way. When I planned on moving to China, a friend planned on coming with me, then at the last minute she backed out. I admit that I was kicking myself the whole time leading up to it, but I refused to let this stop me. Yet, within hours of arriving in China, I meet a group of whole new people, and the best part about it is that you all have the same motive and eagerness to explore somewhere new.

4. “Phoebe, do you have a Plan?” “I don’t even have a Pla” (Friends)

Some of us have had a carefully structured career plan since the beginning of college. Some of us have a rough idea of what career path we would like to attempt to follow. Then, there are the rest of us wandering aimlessly through our education hoping our randomly chosen degree will help us decide what we want to do later on. One thing that is for certain though, is that we don’t have to begin our dream job or career straight away. Some of us will take the quick direct path, the shortcut, or even a wobbly longer path. Either way, I personally believe that there is no rush to settle into a career. Take your time, meeting new people and seeing new places will influence your life plan for the best.

5. Independence

One thing you will certainly achieve through the experience of visiting another country or traveling is realizing how strong you are. Put yourself in a situation where you need to be independent and strong, and you will be. You will adapt to the situation and realize you are capable of anything and it is one of the best feelings. After 5 months of living in China, the hardest thing I have come across so far, still, is getting on that plane at Manchester Airport at the very beginning. I was blubbering like a baby. Yet, looking back on that moment, I am very pleased with myself for doing it. Leaving your comfort zone is when life really begins. Therefore, knowing that you can look after yourself is a great comfort for later on in life. Even when you settle down with a partner and have children, you know you can do this and rather than relying on that partner, you can work together. Just from that experience of independent traveling.

6. Appreciation

Another feature you will experience whilst being abroad is appreciating the people back home. Ever since moving away communication has been vital in order to stay in touch with the people you love; as the ones back home may think you’re too busy for them to chat to as you enjoy your new adventure. Thanks to the internet; Facebook, Skype, WeChat and various other social networks, staying in contact with people around the world is easier than ever. That experience away from home will make you appreciate your friends and family whilst you were a snappy, frustrated uni student and for supporting you throughout your studies and various other events in your life.