6 Reasons Why I Want To Travel The World


One, I’m in love.

Not with someone.

My love is greater than that.

I’m in love with life,

With the feeling of letting yourself go

And just breathing,

Knowing that the world is here, right in front of your eyes,

Asking to be seen, to be heard, to be felt,

To be touched, like you would touch a lover’s hand.

Two, wanderlust.

That need to roam the earth,

To discover the unknown…

So you can fill that gap in your heart and your soul.

Three, escaping.

When your whole life feels like a cage,

One single dream can be your salvation.

The only window you can look out from.

The speck of light in a pool of darkness.

So you hold on to it,

Grab it with both hands, bloody fingers and all,

Promising never to let go of that life buoy.

Fighting the pit with all your strength

So you do not drown, or float away.

Four, empathy.

Three times a week, when going to my part-time job,

I pass by an old man in a park

Selling candy, cigarettes and tissues.

And several times, I’ve seen him feeding stray cats.

It is those tiny acts of kindness

That make me believe in a greater world.

And I know, that in every corner of this earth

There is an old man feeding hungry cats.

And I want to see that with my own eyes and be moved to tears.

Five, curiosity.

The world is big and full of wonders,

And it is my duty, as a human being,

As the vassal of a soul lusting for adventure

To witness its beauty.

So I can tell everyone how magnificent it is,

And how you can see the whole universe

In a drop of rain,

In the eyes of a wild animal,

Or in the toothless smile of a newborn.

Six, myself.

I’ve learned that it was okay to leave everything behind and go.

It’s okay if you want to see the world

When the world within you is too dark and full of sorrow.

It’s okay to be selfish that way.

It’s okay, and that’s why I’m going to travel the world.