6 Reasons Why Traveling May Not Truly Help You Move On


A lot of people travel to move on. It has been proven by many and almost anyone who has ever had their hearts broken do this in order to not just heal but also to find themselves. It may be true, but here’s the other side of the coin: there is no guarantee that you will truly move on when you travel. While there are many reasons why traveling is a great way to forget about your past relationship, there are also reasons why it’s only going to make things worst. Here are six reasons why traveling may not truly help you move on:

1. You’re getting away from the problem.

When people travel to move on they would often shut down everything about what happened. While it is ideal to just forget about the real problem and just focus on yourself during a vacation or trip, it is still not that great to just completely throw the sorrow away. When you travel, you’re just getting away from the real problem and it may backfire in the end as soon as you get home because you did not truly acknowledge the pain and you will not truly heal if you don’t face your problems.

2. You’re not facing the truth.

This is true. You’re not really facing the truth when you choose to travel. A part of you thinks that you’re already okay because you can be on your own but the truth is you’re still suffering and it’s best to just feel the pain and cry all your heart out before you move to the next step. People often romanticize the idea of traveling as the best way to move on, but everyone must remember that it doesn’t always work for everybody as all of us think and feel differently regardless of what is happening in our lives.

3. You may not be truly forgetting about your ex.

This is also one of the major factors that you should definitely not ignore. Are you really trying to move on? Or are you just using traveling as a way to reminisce about your ex? That is where the problem starts. When you travel, you would not help but think about your past travels with your ex. And that is not a great start to healing your heart.

4. Some places will remind you of your ex.

This is one of the reasons why traveling is not a great deal for most people. Even if you decide not to go to the places you once went with your ex, even if you go far away from home, some places will still remind you of your ex. If you climb a mountain in Japan, it will remind you of the mountain in the Philippines you once climbed together. If you go to a party in Vegas, it will remind you of the parties in Sydney you onced crashed with your ex. That is why traveling is not always going to help you because in every step of the way, it is still your ex that you’ll be thinking.

5. Being alone somewhere far is not good when you’re in pain.

It’s not good at all. When you are in pain and you are alone, you may think of harming yourself to ease what you’re feeling. You will blame yourself for everything and you will also end up self-pitying. It’s not healthy and necessary. The best way to solve your problem is to surround yourself with people who will give you advice and constructive opinion about what you are going through instead of trying to fix things on your own.

6. There is no guarantee that you will truly heal.

Yes. There’s no guarantee at all. Especially those who are on a tight budget, will you really use your money to travel and cry about what happened when you can just cry in your room and surround yourself with people who love you? Don’t rush things. Be practical. As hard as it is to accept, both of you are over and the best thing you can do is to better yourself by doing things you want and not by running away from your problem.

Traveling to mend a broken heart really depends upon the person. There are some who did not really move on no matter how many trips they’ve had. Always try to look at the bright side no matter how hard it is. You will move on in God’s perfect time. Traveling is an option but it is not the only option.