6 Reasons Why You Should Shake it Off


By now we’ve all heard the incredibly catchy TSwift song that urges you to shake it off because the haters are just simply going to hate and the playas are going to play. I am definitely guilty of yelling this song at the top of my lungs in my car when I’m having a bad day. But, more importantly, Ms. Swift hits on an important concept: when you should just shake it off. In the following I provide some reasons, albeit not a comprehensive list, of why you should just shake it off.

1. You’ll be the bigger person

It’s hard, no doubt, but you shouldn’t succumb to petty BS just because you think the other person is wrong or your ego is too big. When someone upsets you it’s important to consider their feelings too and act in the best interest of the situation, especially when it appears the other person isn’t able to deal with the situation rationally. This also means you need to know when to let it go. If you can differentiate between a situation that warrants action and one that doesn’t you will end up on top.

2. It’s good for your health

Okay it’s not like I’m claiming to be a medical professional here, but it is better for your state of mind and anxiety levels to shake it off and not let negative situations and comments swirl and spiral out of control. Don’t waste your energy on something that’s minor.

3. It won’t matter in 10 years

Of course there are situations that are life changing, but when it comes to the small things I like to do an exercise where I picture myself in 10 years and see if it really will matter then. If it doesn’t I shake it off. You should concentrate on things that will have a significant impact in the long run and not small bumps along the way.

4. It’ll make you a better friend

Friends fight. It’s inevitable, but if you can learn to shake off the small tiffs you have then you’re bound to have a more harmonious relationship. Holding grudges gets you nowhere and just breeds unhappiness. Additionally, if you can learn to brush off sometimes hurtful comments you can avoid conflict altogether.

5. It’ll make you a better worker

Work stress is the real deal and more likely than not there will be a time when something work related upsets you. If you can learn to shake the little events off you won’t have emotional reactions interfering with your productivity and it also conveys that you are an employee that can face adversity gracefully and continue doing your job.

6. It’ll make you happier

I can’t begin to explain how much happier I am as a person now that I’ve learned not to let others’ opinions and mistakes bother me. I find I have more time to concentrate on building strong relationships with good communication and trust. Not constantly worrying if someone is mad at me or if I’ve upset someone has freed me up to enjoy life and be myself at all times. And if people don’t like who I am I just shake ‘em off.

The important thing to gain from this article isn’t that you should never get just upset. It’s about picking and choosing when you should really get involved in a problem. It’s important to address problems when they arise appropriately and that may include cooling off, having a conversation about it immediately, or just shaking it off. Either way it’s important to differentiate between the situations you are presented with and know when to expend that energy and when to let it go. This isn’t an easy feat by any means and some of you may well disagree with me, but what I’ve found is that shaking it off has saved me many tears, frustration, and conflicts in the end.

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