6 Reasons You Should Never Compromise Your Sleep Schedule For Your Sex Life


We’d sacrifice a lot of things for a great night’s sleep, but is sex one of them?


“I may be a sexologist, but given the choice between sleep and sex, I might have to opt for the former. Research suggests that I’m not alone with a recent survey suggesting the 79% percent of women would choose a good night’s sleep over sex,” says Dr. Jess, Astroglide’s resident sexologist.

Sex is awesome, but sleep is amazing too. And while both are amazing for our health and well-being, you can technically live without sex — but not without sleep. Check out some other expert reasons you should consider a nap rather than sexy time!

1. It conserves your energy.

There is some science behind our preferences: sleep makes for a happier relationship and a satisfying sex life, says Dr. Jess. Couples who don’t get enough sleep tend to have more fights and those who sleep well tend to manage conflict more effectively. We’re also more in tune with our partner’s emotions and feelings after a good night’s rest and sleep helps to balance our hormones that impact our mood, energy levels, metabolism and libido.

2. It’ll make sex better.

Sleep deprivation impacts testosterone, says psychologist Dr. Samantha Rodman. Men and women need testosterone to feel sexual. if you take a nap you can actually boost your sex drive and have better sex later on. Particularly for women, sleep deprivation has a very significant impact on low libido.

3. You’ll live longer.

Regular naps lower the risk of heart disease — quite obviously, the longer we live, the more sex (and sleep!) we’ll enjoy.

4. You’ll have a better memory.

Did you forget your partner’s birthday? Did it lead to a solo bedtime? Turns out that better naps lead to sharpened memory. Perhaps these mishaps will happen less often.

5. It’s a better way to start your mornings.

The better our sleep patterns, the better we are at waking up in the morning. This can be great for getting to work on time and also: morning sex, should you be in the mood!

6. It’ll make you skinnier.

Sleep can help with your metabolism — and if you look and feel better naked, you’ll ultimately have a lot more sex!

So go ahead and take that nap! Science says so.

This post originally appeared at YourTango.