6 Reasons You Should Start Being Confident In Yourself (And Never Stop)


1. If you’re an artist: nobody will ever paint, sketch, make art the way you do. Nobody will ever hold your paint brush and take care of it and stroke it on a sheet of paper the way you want it. Nobody will ever be as unique and beautiful and as distinct as you. Your art is yours. Not because they don’t “like” it already mean it’s not beautiful. Art is meant to be felt by the heart and not judged by the eyes alone. That’s the beauty in art.

2. If you’re a singer: your voice may not be as high-pitched and as long-ranged as the divas and song birds from all over the world, but haven’t you noticed the way you make this cute little notes jump in joy when you sing it? I think it’s beautiful, the way you play with the rhythm. Nobody will ever make such beautiful noise the way you do ever again. Make it count.

3. If you’re a writer, a poet: have you forgotten that everybody has their own story to tell? I’m pretty sure a lot of people would love to hear your story. And count me in, because honestly, I’m one of them. Hearing other people’s story and learning a lot from it is honestly the best part of living — it always feels like you’re starting to become part of their lives and it’s just so beautiful. Let other people read your stories: write it, show it, and let everybody read it. We’d love it, trust me!

4. If you’re a pet lover: oh dear !! I love pets as much as you, but can you imagine the look on your pet’s face when they see you being sad and moping around with sadness because you’re not confident enough to do something? It will make them feel even sadder. Radiating positive rays of sunshine and joys and happiness will make them happy! Oh dear, start moving your hands and work. Trust me, it will make your pet happy if you’re happy!

5. If you’re passionate about something: don’t be afraid to do things that you love with every single cell in your body! Don’t let other people’s opinion affect your love and passion over something. If you want make-up and you’re studying in a science school and they think that you look funny, don’t mind them, really. They have their opinion. and you have yours. If they can’t respect yours, then that’s their problem. Don’t let their opinions affect your happiness. They’re just stupid thoughts, anyway. believe in yourself.

6. If you feel like you’re not good enough: Who told you so? I’m sorry you feel like the world is not treating you right, but trust me it happens to everybody. There are times when you just can’t love yourself as much as you did a few days ago. You can love yourself 50% today and 70% tomorrow. That’s alright. It’s alright. You’re doing fine, and I’m proud of your progress. But maybe you should step up a little bit and wear the stuff that you’ve always wanted to wear. Nobody’s going to hate you. I’m pretty sure some of the nice girls out there would even love it. You’re going to be okay, peach. I love you.