6 Signs He Has No Balls To Commit To You


You receive good morning texts from this guy as the day begins. He asks you how your day goes. He texts you first about random things to start a conversation. You say BRB but he persists on bringing up a new topic to keep the conversation going. You talk to each other until the end of the day.

He tells you that you’re beautiful without any makeup on. He believes in you more than you do to yourself. He never looked at your imperfections. He compliments you even if you feel that you do not deserve it. He supports your goals in life. He makes you laugh.

These mixed signals makes you confuse about what the real score is between the two of you. You ask him why he does those things but he only gives you vague responses. Although actions speak louder than words, you still want to clear things up. Your patience is wearing than you could have shouted in his ears, “Man up!”

He has been doing this for long and maybe he is just a waste of time. You do not want to be in this kind of unlabeled relationship forever. Chances are, he may be showing signs that he has no balls because:

1. He does not even ask you for a date.

Yes, he may text you or communicates with you through social networks but he is not willing to go out with you. Spending time with each other in person is a lot more genuine and romantic, right? Remember that everything can be faked if you only communicate thru text just like in a radio drama.

2. He does not put a label in your relationship.

He is just enjoying every moment with you. He might be just bored so he spends his time talking to you for the reason that you are the best person to talk to. He is not yet ready for a REALationship, only for a FLIRTationship.

3. He does not say, “I love you.”

Or if he may, he never really means it. Just as the fruit juice in a can, it is not 100 percent guaranteed pure.

4. He makes you feel jealous.

Since you are not committed to each other, he is free to do that. You keep on stalking his Facebook profile and surprisingly see posts that he is into another girl. Remember that you do not have the license to act like a jealous girlfriend so keep your composure, honey.

5. He will never be the same again when you confess your feelings to him.

Since you have fallen for his sweetness, you were the first to admit those three words. Now, everything becomes awkward. Guess he might not speak to you again. Otherwise, he will just say he is reluctant to get into a relationship. Wait a second, does that only put you in the friend zone? Yes, things just get worse.

6. He is not afraid of losing you.

He gets mad when you ask him nonstop about what is going on between the both of you. He blames you for causing the fight. You threw your pride away and apologized to him but he does not forgive you still. He is acting like a stone or he might just be injected with an anesthesia for not feeling anything about you.

You may think that he is responsible for what you are feeling right now but he is totally not. Here’s the lesson. Never be blinded by the good things that he does if he is not brave enough to have a commitment with you. Whatever his reason may be, whether he is terrified to have a relationship since he got hurt so bad before, he has not moved on yet from his ex or he just wants to play love’s deck of cards, do not consider that as an excuse. Still, this is a good thing for you to experience such to be able to clearly determine who is that one man right for you.