6 Signs That You Are Meant To Leave Him Behind


Let him go. If he is not the right person for you, why keep him with you? Why do you want to waste your time trying to fix something that cannot be fixed?


But how do you know that it is really time to let go, or if it the relationship is something you can fix?

1. You bring out the worst in each other.

He brings out the worst in you and you bring out the worst in him. He makes you feel like you are a monster. When you are around him, you feel irritated — and you even feel hatred from time to time.

Everything he does annoys you. Those things that you used to find really cute and funny now just seem stupid.

You no longer see him the way you used to. He is no longer your superman, but just another human.

2. You stop making plans.

Remember how he used to make you feel like you were a princess and how you made him feel like he was a hero? It is a strong indication that it is time to let go when both of you do not feel this way anymore.

He stops planning for those special occasions, you stop trying to impress him by buying new dresses or putting on nice make-up before heading out for a date.

You feel there is nothing special about Valentine’s anymore, it is just like any other day. You start saying things like, “There is no need to spend so much effort and money for Valentine’s. It is just like any other day. Any day can be Valentine’s if we want it.”

Do you remember how excited you were on your first Valentine’s with him? How special it was and how much you wished that the clock would stop ticking so that you could be with him forever?

3. You only talk because you have to.

You only talk to each other for the sake of getting things done like “Babe, I’m going out tonight. Please do not lock the door” or ” Hon, I’m hungry, shall we have dinner soon?” And that’s about it.

You never have any heart to heart talks or tell each other what is on your mind during the day.

You feel like spending time together is overrated. There is no need for that.

This is a big no no for a healthy relationship.

4. You’re fighting more than loving.

You fight. You fight a lot. You fight way too much. Every little thing can trigger both of you and lead to a fight. A cup that is not washed, a missed phone call, or even a misplaced key.

You fight more than you tell each other “I love you.”  You cannot feel grateful for the things he has done but you can complain about all the things he has not done.

I used to date a guy that I fought with all the time towards the end of our relationship. And I felt like a monster, shouting and cursing most of the time.

What is the point of trying to fix something so broken? He will never see you the same way anymore. You will never see him as the gentleman that was so well mannered and polite anymore.

5. You look down on him.

When you start to feel superior to him and look down on him, this is it. You feel like he is stupid, like he is acting like an idiot, like he does not make any sense.

6. You are no longer intimate.

You still do have sex, but you do not feel the intimacy anymore. The passion you once had for this guy is gone. What used to be a hot, steamy session is just a routine now. The desire you used to have for him has faded.

Dear readers, if it is time to let go, do not hesitate.

Yes it is painful. Yes, it is hard.

But the longer you linger, the harder it will be.

I was the girl who tried so hard to fix something broken. Used up all my energy and love to repair something that was not meant to be repaired.

I realized then, sometimes it is more beautiful when you choose to let go.