6 Signs The Love You Share Is REAL Love


In my generation, many people say “I love you” without really meaning it. Or they screw around with everyone without feeling real emotions.

So how do you know in this day and age? In songs they describe it as a drug like state where you crave the person. Funnily enough, studies have proved this, researchers at Syracuse University have discovered that falling in love triggers the same euphoria that cocaine does.

But I think it happens differently for each person and you cannot define what love is, between each person.

But here are some signs it may be real love.

1. They make you happy

This may seem obvious but if the person is what you look forward to seeing each day, and your heart skips a beat when you’re around them. But also *note* you don’t cling to them and always need to be with them, I got news for you my friend, you may be in love.

2. They make you a better person

Someone you love should push you to be better, not sit and settle and watch you not be the best you can be. But also shouldn’t be putting you down. It’s got to be a balance between loving that person for who they are but also pushing them to be who they can be.

3. You’re a priority

Someone who loves you will be there when you need them. It’s that simple. If they aren’t, you might want to question why you are with them.

4. It’s unconditional

There should be a clause with the person you love. You love them that’s it, even when you fight and want to pull their hair. The love is still there.

5. They’re your best friend

This is the dream having your lover be your best friend too. You play fight, talk about anything and are always there for each other, you guys have a strong relationship.

6. Long-term

If you think little gremlins running around and marriage, then yes you are defiantly in love.

Love is complicated and it’s never perfect but when you find the one, it’s worth the heartache.