6 Signs You Work In The Restaurant Industry


1. You have obscure days off.

While your friends have the weekends off, you’re spending your Mondays recovering from your weekend shift. And, when you do go out in the public, you’re surrounded by old people, and stay at home moms. In essence, life on Monday is much more quiet than life with the masses on the weekends

2. You Realize You Have “Weird Super Human Strength”

Hours upon hours spent clearing tables, carrying trays from table to table (including your upstairs tables), has given you more strength than any amount of time in the gym could have.

3. Your ability to read people is spot on

Spending your days “serving” people has shown you the gamut of personalities, and now, you can read people better than any psychologist. This is especially true if you work as a bartender, seeing that people tend to spill their hearts after a few drinks.

4. You always have cash

Making it rain, all day, everyday.

5. “I Can’t… I’m Working”, has become your automatic response on Friday & Saturdays

It’s true; unless your friends are willing to go out with you at 12:30 when you’re off your shift, you usually miss a lot of events.

6. The Idea of Working a 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. gives you the heebie jeebies

You’ve become so accustomed to the late hours, manual labor, and the cash, that the idea of transitioning to a typical office jobs gives you night sweats. But, if you do manage to make the transition, you’ll always miss your restaurant days.