6 Signs You’re Definitely A Single Girl In Your Mid-20s


In a generation where we either got married too young, had a baby too soon, or aren’t even close to doing either, I’m finding that the women who are single in their mid-20s are so by choice. This shies away from the idea society has placed on these women, typically portraying them as bitter, crazy, egocentric, and miserable. Many actually enjoy solitude and are happy during this chapter of their journeys. The following is a list of 6 signs you can relate to if you’re a single female in your mid-20s:

1. You rather stay home alone binging on Netflix or ordering more crap on Etsy just to receive a package in the mail. Sure going out means meeting people but what’s wrong with your bed, books, snacks, and candles? Wine even tastes better in bed! You used to have FOMO, but now it’s like you need your time alone. It’s relaxing, and you don’t have to force unwanted conversations.

2. You go back and forth between following a healthy lifestyle and being disgustingly unhealthy. Some days you eat like crap and other days you’re eating lettuce and tuna. You exercise for a week and then forget to work out for three days because of school and/or work. It doesn’t bother you because you’re making more grown up decisions now than before, and there is no one around to judge you anyway.

3. You have 1) a vibrator, 2) a go-to porn site, 3) a booty-call, 4) all three. Because being single doesn’t mean neglecting your sexual needs. You still have proper feminine hygiene, still feel sexy, and still want to have sex. Of course your booty-call is probably someone you shouldn’t be sleeping with and the fantasizing while masturbating is getting redundant, but that’s okay. You know that one day you’ll be in a relationship and miss this time in your life because it was all about you.

4. You’ve taken up a hobby instead of chasing guys. Yea, you still find time for men, but you occupy yourself with other activities, places, and people. You read. You drink. You run. You dance. You work two jobs. You make jewelry or write. You focus on you and have all the time in the world to do so. Nothing feels better than doing whatever you want to do every single day.

5. It’s finally hit you that living is expensive, and you actually have to pay for bills now. You realize that it may be time to start saving up so you now have a savings account and/or coin jar. (You’d be surprised with how much you can save with one of those.) It becomes scary when you think of paying for everything on your own, but you know you can manage somehow (parents, grandparents, coupons, the government…)

6. Love has started to look a little less like the fairy-tale novels and more realistic. You’ve realized a man isn’t going to come and sweep you off your feet and that sometimes you’re going to have to walk through puddles and get wet, but you’re okay with that. You don’t need all the fictional novel and movie crap because you’re used to taking care of yourself. Maybe you’ve learned to finally recognize a man for what he’s worth rather than setting up these unrealistic expectations of him. You’ve learned that you’re in control of your life, and no man should affect your happiness. Now that you’ve learned to make yourself smile, you’ve realized you don’t need the fairy-tale shit. You need that real, genuine, messy, down-to-earth kind of love, the kind you’ve finally learned to give yourself.