6 Signs You’re Running Away From Your Problems Instead Of Dealing With Them


1. You’re always trying to change the subject.

Whether the topic of conversation is about the significant other everyone knows is completely wrong for you, or about the excessive number of drinks you order that make you call your ex every Saturday night. When anyone tries to talk about a touchy subject, you’re the first one to change it. Even when the conversation doesn’t revolve around you and your problems, if it has anything to do with something you know that’s wrong in your life, you are not going to take any chances about talking it through.

2. You often turn to substances to make you feel better.

There’s nothing like a good drink or joint to lighten up your spirits and live a little, but if you’re trying to escape reality with gin and tonics, it’s only going to work for that night. The same goes for any substance that you’re trying to hide your worries with. It’s fun to enjoy yourself, but usually if you start the night worrying about your problems, substances just draw them out even more. This is when you sit on the bathroom floor crying drunken tears like a blubbering mess to your girlfriend who knows you’re about to puke any second. Don’t worry, she has a hair band ready.

3. You like to ‘get away’ as often as possible.

Whether you’re road tripping to different beaches every weekend, or venturing off to places of solitude, you don’t like the feeling of standing still. Staying in your usual habitat every weekend is like telling a 3 year-old to stay in time out. You love to use your spontaneity as an excuse, but just because you travel somewhere every weekend, doesn’t mean your problems won’t be waiting for you when you return.

4. You concentrate a lot on others rather than yourself.

You love talking other people through their problems, and are full of wisdom when they need help solving them, but when it comes to you and your struggles, your tank is empty…or so you think. It’s not that you don’t have the energy to spend time worrying about yourself, it’s the fact that you don’t want to.

5. You make new friends often, but don’t keep them close to you.

It’s lovely to be a fleeting social butterfly, but when your constantly forming new relationships that have no meaning, you might want to take a step back. Make friends because you genuinely enjoy the person you’re spending time with, don’t make friends to fill your time and have something to do on the weekend. A friend should be someone you trust and basically can’t live without, not someone to keep you occupied. Real friends will make sure you’re not running away from your problems, while temporary friends will be the one lacing up your sneakers and filling up your water bottle.

6. You say you’ll ‘do it tomorrow…’ every other day.

You have enough motivation to say you’re going to do things, but not enough to actually do them. Take action. Stop saying “tomorrow,” and do it today. Your problems aren’t going to fix themselves, and “tomorrow” won’t fix them either.