6 Simple Yet Meaningful Gestures That Reveal You’re Deeply Loved


Simple things are those that are most beautiful and come naturally without pretense, heightened expectations, and the need to control. They gently appear and come to fruition in their own time and tend to be impacting experiences for the better. This could also be applied to simple yet profound gestures that only someone you love and someone who loves you share within the bond you’re both creating.

1.) Hugs, caresses while being embraced, and intertwined hands are some of the most comforting signs of affection.

Not only do they serve as ways to feel and demonstrate physical connectivity, but it’s also a form of protection and security. The sensation of contact allows for a special presence and closeness in which you have both learned about and respond to each other’s energy and touch.

2.) Cooking together, having dinner ready and waiting for your beloved’s arrival or picking up take-out after a long day shows the care and concern for nourishment.

It’s an intimate and shared experience of being in each other’s company while disconnecting from the outside world. Silence and stares, exchanges of laughter and conversation, watching TV, or listening to music in the background is all of equal value based upon your dynamic.

3.) Challenges, setbacks, or demands that pop up on a daily basis are confronted together instead of alone. Schedules are shuffled, priorities shift, and you both know that you can rely on one another.

Running late? Did the car break down? Are you in bed with a high fever and the flu? Is there a looming deadline for tomorrow’s presentation? Do the kids need to be fed and bathed before bed? Despite all the stress and pressure, the sincere question of “How can I help you?” makes all the difference.

4.) Life’s successes and losses are both celebrated and mourned with support, emotional availability, and genuine interest.

Roles get reversed and realign in balance with ease—when you are down, your partner picks you back up. When your partner has received a promotion you are there to validate him/her and when you both have a mutual experience that you are living together, your equilibrium keeps you both connected and grounded.

5.) Trust and fidelity without self-doubt, insecurity, and fear are the biggest gifts two people can give to each other to ensure the creation of a solid and strong foundation.

Although in life there are no guarantees and people shift and change just as the ebbs and flows of the tide, it’s making a choice and commitment to honor yourself and each other based upon the union you are continuously creating while growing and evolving together.

6.) The unfolding of everyday living with appreciation of being side by side, hand in hand, and thought by thought both as individuals and as a couple through change and growth.

The warmth of sleeping under the covers during the winter, springtime walks in the newly budding park, lazy summer evening barbeques, and fall harvest apple and pumpkin picking reflect quality time over the seasons of life spent together.