6 Struggles You Face When Your Best Friends Are Better Looking Than You


1. The boys you like end up liking them instead.

This one is probably the worst. You start talking to a guy, you tell your friends about him and suddenly they want to meet him. Unfortunately, however, when you finally introduce them to this guy, he’s your guy no more. Soon he’ll be talking to you asking if your friends are single and if he can get their digits. This happens a lot, to the point where you just expect it to happen and it becomes no longer shocking.

2. Any clothes they borrow from you look 100 times better on them than they ever could on you.

You may have all the style and you’re friends probably know it, but that’s kind of besides the point when they look infinitely better in your clothes. You’re very iffy about letting them borrow you’re clothes; you don’t want them taking credit for YOUR style, and especially when it looks way more flattering on them. Eventually you start fantasizing about pad locking your closet, but you never have the heart to follow through with it.

3. You find yourself hooking up with any guy that gives you attention.

It’s called filling the void. When your friends are always having a fling without any problem, you end up finding yourself hooking up with any guy that gives you the time of day. If a guy takes notice of you first and not your friends, you pounce at the chance and get him away from your friends before he changes his mind. It begins to feel like a competition: who can get the most attention from guys? And even though this may give you a confidence boost, that boost is short lived and will only hurt your self-esteem in the long run.

4. You constantly have to listen to your guy friends gush over them.

Now this one is just annoying. The last thing you want to do is listen to guys talk about how “hot” other girls are. This is when the green monster comes out of us and we want to yell, “I AM A GIRL AND I HAVE FEELINGS TOO!” You’ll start comparing yourself to every girl out there and feel like you just pale in comparison until suddenly you’re depressed. During moments like these, try going for a run. It will help clear your mind and make you feel better.

5. You have to be the supportive friend and like their new profile picture…along with the 50 other likes.

Then there are the days you just want to delete every social media account you have, just so you don’t have to look at your friend’s new flawless photos and read all of the comments congratulating them on how gorgeous and stunning they are. And just so you don’t look like the jealous unsupportive friend, you’ll give it a like and put a positive comment, all the while gritting your teeth.

6. You have to pretend it doesn’t bother you because they are still your friends and you love them to death.

In the end you know there is a reason why you are friends with them, so you learn to deal with all of the above and more. It is the hardest acting role you have ever undertaken and some days you just want to explode and break down. But eventually you realize it isn’t their fault. It would just suck a lot less if you felt like you were on their level.