6 Things I Literally, Like, Can’t Even Deal With Right Now


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1. People who don’t know what to order at Chipotle.

Do you even go here? How dare you take longer than six seconds to order your chicken burrito bowl? The reason I’m waiting 45 minutes for my piece of heaven is because of people who don’t know how Chipotle works, and that’s just not acceptable.
Level of “Can’tness”: 7

2. The same basic photos on Instagram.

I’m not double-tapping your salmon dinner/three-month anniversary gift/new riding boots/latest movie ticket stub/engagement ring (OK, maybe this one) posts anymore! Absolutely no one cares. And it’s not about being bitter; it’s about being annoyed at seeing basically all the same pictures every two pictures I scroll past.
Level of “Can’tness”: 7

3. Shoddy/inaccessible WiFi.

So I know this is a total #firstworldproblem, but it’s also almost 2015. Why isn’t WiFi available everywhere and all the time?! Going to restaurants and other business establishments that have password-protected WiFi (or even worse, NO WIFI) is the ultimate eye-roll-inducing PITA.
Level of “Can’tness”: 8

4. Delayed/local trains.

Living in NYC is a love-hate relationship. I love it because I get to tell people that I live in NYC, but I hate it because I actually live in NYC, home of the worst metropolitan transportation system in the world. What’s worse than hearing, “We’re being delayed due to train traffic ahead of us, please be patient”? Thanks, Mr. Train Conductor, for deciding to switch an express train to a local one and just drain me of all happiness my poor soul had left.
Level of “Can’tness”: 8

5. People who share their germs.

We get it, sharing is caring and all that fun stuff, but no one wants your TB. Cover your nose when you sneeze and cough into your elbow, or just stay your sick ass home! Be a little selfish and keep your hella nasty germs to yourself.
Level of “Can’tness”: 9

6. Unexpected reruns.

Picture this with me: You’ve had a long, hard, tiring day at work and the only thing keeping you sane is the thought of watching the newest episode of The Mindy Project. You’re home and all settled and cozy and ready to indulge in 22 minutes of amazingness, only to see that it’s in fact, NOT a new episode but a freaking rerun the network has decided to annoyingly air instead to ruin the rest of your miserable life. *cue the tears*
Level of “Can’tness”: 10