6 Things I Wish I Had Done When I Was Younger That Would Have Improved My Life For Today


With passing years, I have learned a couple of things. Had I known them a few years earlier, it would have helped me to shape a better life, with more happiness and less regrets.

1. I wish I had taken better care of my body.

Every part of the body right from eyes, hands, and legs till skin, nails, and hair all deserve some amount of attention and some amount of care regularly. I wish in spite of busy schedules I had exercised regularly, gotten regular health checkups done, and had a good body massage once in a while.

2. I wish I had cared about my psychological health.

We never realize what effect every failure or every frustrated day might have had on our mental health. Recently I was watching a TED talk by Guy Winch who emphasized on same points. If we can take care of one small cut by bandaging it, why don’t we take care of our psychological health even after undergoing some terrible problems? I wish I had realized the importance of meditation and yoga a few years earlier when depression had overshadowed everything else.

3. I wish I had known the importance of having a hobby of your choice.

I think everyone has started with at least one hobby in their life only to let it rest it dust under the busy life. We keep thinking of restarting it but that day never comes. I wish I had kept my hobbies alive. Sure, I can still take it on from where I left it off. But it would have relieved me more of my stress had I pursued it regularly.

4. I wish I had talked to myself more.

It is as much important to spend time alone as much as it is to be surrounded with people. When we are alone we talk to ourselves, we analyze our activities, we introspect, and this will help us be our own best friend first. I wish I had kept a journal and managed to write my thoughts rather than depending on others to understand my problems and help me.

5. I wish I had enjoyed the journey more.

I have always spent more time regretting about the past. But seriously, what is done can’t be changed. At least I know that now. It is convenient to blame the past for all the wrong things but at the same time, it is important to think about our future. More than that, I wish I had known to enjoy the beauty of present happiness which was hidden amidst these two.

6. I wish I knew that failures are the things which makes us strong.

No matter how much we try, every one of us has to pass through the doors of failure to end up being successful. But the actual beauty lies in failures as failure is the thing which gives us experience. I know with every failure, there comes disappointment. I wish I knew that failures are what help us grow and no failure can stop us being what we want to be.