6 Things I’ll Tell My Future Teenage Daughter


Disclaimer: I am neither planning to have a child soon nor will I be ready for that kind of responsibility within the next 10 years (at least!). Heck, I can’t even seem to take care of myself let alone a mini-me whose existence I would literally have created. I am not an expert in life lessons (I’m 19) and maybe these don’t apply to everyone but they were just a few passing thoughts that ran through my head.

1. You are awesome. After all, I made you. Don’t feel insecure about yourself. Don’t hide away from the world. Let yourself love yourself and when people tell you you’re gorgeous or beautiful, don’t say “no, I’m not” and just accept it with a smile and say thank you because they went out of their way to tell you this when they could have saved the effort. It’s annoying when you tell someone they’re amazing and they shut you down as if that compliment was one of the most disgusting comments they have ever heard.

2. Enjoy yourself. By all means, drink but don’t drink to make yourself feel better, drink to make yourself feel even better. Know your limits, find people you can trust with your life and have fun.

3. Get your heart broken. It sucks (trust me) but only for a short while. It will only make you realize how much greatness you have within yourself to put yourself back together and find out that no matter what, I’ll be here for you. I will always be the one you can talk to just like how my mom is there for me.

4. Wear seamless underwear. It is God’s gift to rid the world of the visible panty-line pandemic. Rest assured, your underwear drawer will consist of these kinds of undies and nothing short of it.

5. Be the envy, not the envier. Don’t aim to be someone else because that is just going to make you feel like you’re not good enough. You can’t find yourself in other people, not even your twin (my grandma was a twin so there’s a chance that my daughter might be a twin). Admire people but don’t try to be somebody you’re never going to be. Be involved. Find lifelong friends. Give off that respectable persona that get people to think highly of you even if you’re not all that cause nobody should look down on you – refer to number 1.

6. Grow up. At least, prepare yourself to grow up. It doesn’t happen overnight but know that I’m going to kick you out of the house one day and if you’re not ready by then, it’s going to be tough. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know beforehand cause I love you.