6 Things My 6 College Roommates Taught Me


1. Find what you’re passionate about and never let it go

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a little envious of her. She’s found the one thing in life that gives her a purpose—I’ve never seen anyone’s eyes literally light up the way hers do when she’s doing what she loves. She’s taught me that pursuing what you love brings immeasurable rewards. Sometimes I think her journey is more exciting for me than it is for her, because I can see how much she’s grown and how much she’s learned, simply by pursuing her dreams. It’s incredible.

2. Be nice to everyone, everyday, at all times

I’ve never met anyone more willing to talk to a complete stranger than she is. I’ve watched her strike up conversations (and rather interesting ones) with strangers in some of the most interesting places. I would never think to really talk to the girl standing timidly next to me in the elevator, but she does. She was one of my first friends at college, and I can genuinely say her friendship has helped me come out of my shell and live life with a completely open mind—two qualities I am so thankful for.

3. Always be yourself, unapologetically

My favorite thing about this roommate is that I can truly say I’ve never seen her apologize for anything she’s done that she doesn’t feel she should apologize for. If she wants to do something, she does it. If she wants to say something, she says it. She’s honest in a way that makes you appreciate honesty. She has such a unique and distinctive personality, and I have always admired her deep sense of self-understanding. It takes people years and years to figure out who they really are and really identify with their personality, but I think she figured all that out before she even turned 20.

4. Remember that not everything is worth getting upset over

This is the roommate that seems to always keep composure and a clear-mind. I don’t think I’ve ever really seen her anxious, nervous, or stressed—and while I’m sure she feels those things regularly, as do we all, she has such a way of keeping it all under control. I know that whatever life throws at her, she’ll be able to handle it. Life’s unpredictable and unfortunate events won’t make her jaded; she won’t let heartbreak, disappointment, or rejection ever really set her back for long. She’s completely comfortable being on her own, a quality I think most of us struggle with. Give her the beach and a book of Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes and I think she would be content forever.

5. Take care of yourself—mentally, emotionally, and physically

She is so in-tune with her spirit, her body, and everything good for the soul—she makes me want to eat kale and do yoga all day everyday. She teaches me a lot of things without even realizing that she’s teaching me anything. Now I know that you can put coconut butter on your lips, I know that chia seeds are really good in smoothies, and I know that it’s really important to take time for yourself. She has such an admirable work ethic that she applies to everything she does in her life—her schoolwork, her gym routine, & her relationships with the people she loves.

6. Being a good listener is more important than you think

This is the roommate that will listen to anything I have to say at any hour of the day. I can tell her about the most pointless details of my day, and she’ll listen, and I know she cares. I never feel like I’m bothering her, or that my problems are too small to be discussed. I know that if I ever have something I need to talk about, I can go to her and she’ll await me with open arms and a shoulder to cry on. There’s something so comforting about knowing that no matter what happens in life, I’ll never have to face it alone.