6 Things People With Sensitive Souls Are Tired Of Hearing


1. Get over it.

That’s easier said than done. If we could have moved on by now, don’t you think we would have? It takes us a little longer to process our emotions and get through them. We don’t just “band-aid” our shit, we feel it intensely and then work on letting things go. The more you ask us to get over it, the more we’ll probably dwell on the situation. We need time so give us that and just be there for us.

2. You’re overreacting.

Really? How do you know exactly what we’re feeling to be able to say we’re overreacting? Do you think your logical brain will magically make ours less emotional? Please tell me how this works. You can sit there all day and try to convince us that we’re making a big deal out of nothing but tell that to our brains and our bodies. Tell that to the million and one thoughts racing through our minds. Tell that to the jolts and volts running through our bodies as we feel a million different feelings at once. Don’t throw logic on our wounds. We want empathy.

3. Relax.

There is nothing more annoying than being told to relax when you’re feeling some type of way. Imagine if you’re feeling too many types of ways and then being told to chill out. Chill out what? Chill out who? How about you just fuck off for a little while and maybe when you come back, we’ll be more composed? How about that?

4. Be happy.

It sounds so simple, but, for someone who feels everything, we can’t just make ourselves happy. There isn’t a button we click whenever we want to smile and be positive. Happiness comes in waves- we feel really happy sometimes, and, other times, we’re sulking in sadness. There’s no happy-medium for us; it’s all or nothing so no matter how many times you encourage us to be happy, if we aren’t feeling it, then we just aren’t feeling it.

5. Stop saying you’re sorry.

Because we feel so much, we’re highly perceptive to other people’s feelings. We’re compassionate because we understand their pain; we understand it all too well. Because of this, we tend to apologize for situations that don’t even warrant an apology. We say “I’m sorry” for saying no, for small mistakes, and sometimes we even apologize when it’s not our fault. We can see how this may be irritating for you, and we’re sorry for that too.

6. You’re too sensitive.

We take things too seriously and too personally. We may cry excessively during sad movies or feel really depressed for days when we argue with a friend. We take criticism to the heart even if we see no truth in it. We dwell on words and actions for longer than necessary, and we overanalyze every situation. Because we feel so much, it’s hard to control how we react. We try not to be overly-sensitive, but our hearts can’t help it.