6 Things That Potentially Change Your Life Forever


1. Improve your relationship with food

You know you have an unhealthy relationship with food if you only eat certain food because you think they are good and avoid others because you think they are bad; or you are constantly on some sort of extreme diet only to have your weights go up and down as you switch between starving and binging; or you engage in emotional eating and have your worthiness tied to your body image. These behaviours leave you frequently stressed out, exhausted and feeling out of control, which takes a toll on your physical and mental health.

This is especially prevalent in our modern life since we are all under the pressure of society and mass media promoting a certain body standard that’s rarely close to realistic and healthy. But that’s exactly why transforming your relationship with food nowadays means more than anything than ever. By, for example, gradually changing your negative attitude towards food into positive, being mindful of what you put into your body and setting goals to be healthy and strong instead of conforming to any beauty standard, you will no longer view eating as a battle; you will stop feeling guilty for everything you eat and actually enjoy your meal instead; you will understand that you mean much more than how you look and there is nothing more beautiful than being healthy and comfortable in your own skin. Then you will feel in control, more confident and happy.

2. Get enough sleep and become a morning person

You lay on bed for hours and hours on end then when you can finally get up, you have already wasted the whole morning? Then you feel all tired and unmotivated to do anything because it’s already so late? If this sounds familiar then you might consider changing into a morning person to enjoy the fresh daylight and stop feeling like you always run out of time. While getting a good amount of sleep helps better your physical health and memory, raising early can potentially change how you approach life, how you work, how you think, your level of energy and satisfaction.

Many have reported that waking up early puts them in a better mood, helps them with attention and improves their productivity. Also, studies have shown many benefits of waking up early such as light exposure is linked to your body mass index as it synchronizes with your internal clock, regulating energy balance and metabolism regardless of how active you are, or morning people are more likely to be successful in their careers since they are more proactive. It’s a common sense that getting up early will give you more time to be prepared, get things done and show up on time where you need to be.

3. Exercise regularly

The important benefits of exercising regularly shouldn’t be anything shocking: it helps you maintain your weight; improves your mood as physical activities help stimulate brain chemicals; betters your posture; decreases risks of many health conditions such as CHD (35%), type 2 diabetes (50%), breast cancer (20%), depression (30%) etc. (reported by NHS); and most importantly, increases your life expectancy.

This might sound obvious and simple but nowadays, as most jobs require standing up or sitting down and our life is made much easier by technology, such as how we commute, we are much less active than our previous generations had to be and exercises have become separate activities instead of being automatically synchronized in our daily schedule. It might be challenging to find time for regular physical activities but the benefits they bring you in the long-run, especially as you age, are totally worth your effort.

4. Stop procrastinating

Procrastination is doing unimportant tasks to put off the important one. When you procrastinate, the things that need to be done are not getting done. Procrastination does not only cause stress when you realize you’re running out of time but there are many occasions it could cost fortunes or even lives.

Many people attempt to explain procrastination. For example, we might procrastinate because we are scared of success, of something that potentially changes our life dramatically, so we keep doing the comfortable, safe things that we know for sure won’t have any real, immediate impact such as browsing the internet, scrolling through social media instead of actually working on our project, or maybe, our first novel. This is utterly dangerous. We’re being tricked by our own mind.

It’s true that it’s challenging to start something new as it demands from us full attention, self-motivation and discipline. But that’s what makes all the difference between those who do and those who don’t. Those who do get what they want in life while those who don’t are always the second, the missed ones. What if your novel, your radio show, or whatever idea you are having in your wonderful mind will become the next best thing? You will never know unless you stop procrastinating and start to get things done right now.

5. Travel

Travelling has always been at the top of any list of things you should do when you have the opportunity. And I have to agree. When you feel stuck and lost in your daily life, travelling can open something new for you as you can leave who you were behind. You will meet more people, learn new things, develop the skills you never knew you had, gain new perspectives, push yourself out of your comfort zone and most importantly, discover more about yourself and stay in touch with your soul.

When you’re back, you will never be the same again. You will look at your old life differently and might as well breathe into it a new energy that inspires not just you but also others around you. Sometimes it doesn’t need to be such a big change. Travelling could just be a good rest to refresh your mind and put things into perspective, or a getaway to appreciate your life and the people who are with you a little more. Either way, it will surely do you good.

6. Change how you think about money

If you wonder why the rich gets richer, the poor gets poorer and the middle-class are always struggling, one of the main reasons is how they think about money. While average folks works for money due to increasing desire for possessions, the rich make money work for them, generating more wealth. If you constantly have to worry about money and still wound up in debts no matter how much you make, you should re-assess your relationship with money.

More money doesn’t solve your spending problems. In fact, more money tends to create more problems as your fear of losing what you possess and your greed for something better, prettier increase, driving up your expenses and subsequently debts. At the end of the day, it’s all about the mindset. Are you driven by fear? Do you really understand money? In school, they don’t teach you how to use and make money; they only teach you how to work for money but that only benefits the rich and leaves you with a life of taxes and debts. Educating yourself financially today might change the rest of your working life for good.