6 Things that Will Heal Your First Major Heartbreak


You have been patiently waiting for the right one to come. You’re so fond of romantic novels and movies that you thought you were wise enough not to be fooled by love…well, that was until you met this guy who badly broke your heart. I know, it hurts like hell to fall in love and suffer a broken heart for the first time. Here are some things that will help you get through your first major heartbreak:

1. Cry about it.

Find a place to be alone and let those tears run down your cheeks. There’s no use denying that you’re in pain. Let it go. Crying won’t make you weak as long as you promise that you’ll never cry for the same reason again.

2. Make a heartbreak playlist.

This only includes the love songs minus him. Pick the songs that are about more of you and how you’re wonderfully made on your own. Feel every single word in your veins. When there’s too much to say, let a song speak for you. Believe me, you can always find a song that you can relate to.

3. Don’t self-medicate.

Maybe you wanted to keep it private as possible or you’re just afraid that they won’t understand you, so you decided to keep it just to yourself. Remember that even a doctor can’t treat himself when he’s sick. He needs the help of other doctors to get well. So you are! You need to share what you feel with the people that you trust the most and expect heartfelt advice from them.

4. Engage in self-improvement.

After all the stress that you’ve experienced, it’s now time to create a better version of yourself inside and out. Don’t do it just because you wanted to get back at him. Instead, do it for yourself. Do it because getting better means winning the battle.

5. Know your worth.

Maybe he is just too blind or too dumb to see that he threw away a diamond in exchange of useless rocks. Well, that’s perfectly fine, girl. You don’t need someone who can’t see your real value. Don’t be down because he dumped you—that’s an opportunity to eventually meet someone who’ll treat you like a princess should be treated.

6. Tell it all to God.

Now that your broken heart needs some repair, who else can restore it other than the one who created it? Tell him you’re weary of this heavy burden, and He will give you rest.

These six things may not guarantee healing unless you’re willing to do it. Remember that moving on always starts with accepting that it’s the end with him and the start with someone else.