6 Things To Always Remember No Matter What Relationship You’re In


Relationships come in different forms, shapes and sizes, including circumstances, and most of all they teach us a lot about ourselves. Here’s what you should always remember:

1. Don’t ever sell yourself short. You might find yourself among people who will keep you in their lives for the benefit of their selfish needs. Don’t let it happen, and don’t do it to others.

2. You are not responsible for how people view you, but you are responsible for how they treat you. We all have a human need to feel loved and be respected. Learn to be a person that shows more love and respect to others, even if you don’t receive it first. It requires more vulnerability from you, but that is honestly the way forward if you want more love and respect back.

3. Most of the times we are all battling with ourselves and are unaware of the pain we cause people, because of the pain we are in or have experienced. Learn from the pain instead of using it as a weapon. You get nothing good from it. Always watch your actions, understand why you’re doing it and learn how to fix it.

4. It’s okay to let people go. We all learn from each other, and when the lessons are learnt, you’ll know if there’s a need to keep certain people in your life or not. At times you can’t help this especially with family members. However you can let go of personal feelings towards how people treat you. Most of the time it’s not you, it’s everything to do with how they feel about themselves.

5. SET BOUNDARIES. Full stop.

6. If you are more positive, your life will be more positive and more good will come to you, including relationships. When you’re in your own lane, setting your own goals, and loving every part of who you are, you are a good human to be around. Just learn to be a good human.