6 Things To Know About The All Or Nothing Girl


The all or nothing girl is the girl who despises the middle ground. She’s either completely in love with something or not at all and she applies this to all aspects of her life. Here are six things to know about the all or nothing girls in the world.

1. She doesn’t have a large social circle, but the friends she does have in her life are incredibly important to her. She doesn’t invest her time in people unless she feels absolutely sure of them which is why she only has a few, although very highly valued, close friends but a tonne of acquaintances.

2. Even if you only date for a few months, she’ll be devastated when you break up. She will only date someone if she’s genuinely interested in a future with them and she feels there is reasonable possibility of that happening. She simply won’t date someone she isn’t crazy about because she doesn’t see the point if she’s not completely invested in the relationship.

3. She changes jobs more often than others because if she doesn’t really love her job, she won’t feel motivated and she hates the feeling of mediocrity in any part of her life. Her career is important to her, she wants to feel excited about her role and once she finds the job that she loves getting up for, she’ll stay and work her ass off.

4. She becomes borderline obsessed with any television show/ movie/book she enjoys. Because she doesn’t like to waste her time watching or reading something that doesn’t really captivate her attention, when she finds something that does, she will want to relive the feeling it gives her over and over.

5. She can be indecisive, but once she’s made a decision she’s stubborn as hell. She doesn’t make any decision lightly, whether it’s choosing between still and sparkling water at brunch or deciding whether or not to buy that apartment. If she’s not 100% sure about something she won’t want it in her life, so if she does choose something you had better believe you’re not changing her mind.

6. She’s outspoken and passionate. She has strong opinions and she has no problem voicing them because she is so passionate about what she speaks about. She does research on topics that she finds intriguing because she wants to know as much as possible about it. If she takes the time to tell you about something, listen because she knows what she’s talking about and she wants to share her knowledge with you.