6 Things Women Are Getting Wrong About Straight, Modern Men


1. We like pubic hair, and don’t care as much about bodies or how thick or thin or hairy they are than we are often accused of. 

There seems to be this whole debate about how men are the culprits of inspiring this whole “go bare down there” trend but every single man I have ever talked to has agreed, it’s sexy when you look like an adult. We like curves, too. We like people. I’ve had countless female friends say that when they didn’t shave for a bit the response was overwhelmingly, “I like what you have going on down there.” I’ve read so many articles where people were rushing to get waxed when their partner ended up finding a little hair down there unbelievably hot and primitively attractive. We don’t care. Stop blaming us for your grooming habits. Nobody is forcing you to do anything, and if there are any men out there who won’t sleep with you because you aren’t absolutely bare or thin or whatever, well, good riddens to them.

2. We aren’t expecting you to look or behave like a porn star. 

… And if porn was our first exposure to sex, let’s hope for all of our sakes we’ve learned since then. I do not know anybody who compares their sex experiences to porn and if they do, they’re teenage boys who have a lot of growing up to do. Stop putting your anxieties on what you wrongfully assume we expect.

3. We can be feminists, and we are. 

Most people with common sense are all for gender equality. It gets sticky when some people go overboard and start getting ridiculous about it, but such is the case for most movements and social rights things. We support women. We love women. (And men.) We want equality too. Just because we were born with dicks does not mean we are brainless. Speaking of…

4. We desire monogamy; we aren’t all cheating, lying pigs. You don’t need to write off some people’s mistakes as “boys will be boys!”

We may, generally, have higher sex drives, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have self control. It’s so unfair to write off the mistakes of a few gross guys as being just “what our gender does.”

5. We aren’t disgusted by gay men, and we’re not all afraid of our femininity. Most of us do want to dress and behave at least kind of well. 

It’s such an offensive stereotype, that straight men cannot be friends with gay or bisexual men. It’s not true at all. And what’s more is that we aren’t afraid to dress well or be attuned to our emotions, it’s society that portrays it in a negative light. We’re not heartless monsters.

6. We want to be loved too.  

We want to be cared about and to take care of you in return. We want to treat you right and find everlasting fairy tale love but it’s just not cool for us to express that, so many guys don’t. But we get our hearts broken too. We love as much and as often as you do. It’s a matter of finding the right person, not that we’re completely devoid of emotion. We cry, we care, and we’re all pretty much tired of being written off as “assholes” because of one or two bad experiences. We aren’t helping the world go around any smoother by judging each other based on the actions of others. And what’s more is that we want to see effort like we are expected to put in. You don’t have to bring us flowers and pay for dinner, if we offer to take you out we are going to take you out, but at least showing you care and aren’t trying to mooch off another free meal means a lot, more than you’d think.