6 Things You Can Be That Are Worse Than Being “Fat”


Starving. Your body was not meant to be starved. It was meant to be nourished with the food that the earth provides you. You have hunger cravings because you are supposed to feed yourself.

Insecure. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what size you are if you’re insecure, you will be until you address that issue. It’s not the weight that’s making you feel inferior. Where is the empirical evidence that people who are over a certain weight don’t lead happy, fulfilling, passionate lives? There is none, and you should find security in something other than your physical body.

Miserable. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t eat for a while, I’m exhausted, frustrated and annoyed. And when you starve yourself, you’re bound to binge eventually, which makes you sink further into the abyss of self hatred and you’ll be even more upset.

Shallow. Even if you have 0.2% body fat, if that’s all you base yourself and your self worth off, you are neglecting the things that are truly great about you. People don’t genuinely love one another because of how they look. Some people do, and call it love, but the truth is that love, in whatever form it comes in, isn’t just skin deep.

Alone. Eating and drinking is an integral part of our social culture. When you go out with friends, the last thing you want to be doing is chewing a piece of lettuce while appetizers are going around and then answering questions your concerned friends have as to why you’re not eating.

Broke. Because you spent all of your money on beauty products, procedures, weight loss supplements, etc. that you don’t really need nor do you really want.

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