6 Things You Can Do To Fall In Love Over And Over Again


If you have ever been in love you know the feelings involved when you first fall in love. Everything seems to be a little better, the sun shines a little brighter, your coworkers don’t seem to bother you as much as they used to, that obnoxious man at Starbucks doesn’t seem to get to you quite as bad as he did before. Everything is amazing when you fall in love. I like to think that it blurs the negatives of life even just for a second.

I think every girl knows the feeling when just a touch from him sends a chill through your whole body and it’s something that you begin to crave. Hearing his voice on the phone makes you melt, and seeing him makes your heart beat a little faster. Is it selfish of us to want this to last forever?

I want to believe that there is a way to make the “honeymoon” stage last in a relationship for longer than just a few months. From the time when you first profess your love to each other until the end.

How do you fall in love over and over again?

1. Set time aside for each other.

You don’t have to make this date night every night, but watch a movie together. Talk on the phone if you can’t see them. Let them know that you can’t get them off your mind.

2. Don’t focus on the negatives; focus on all of their positives.

When you only focus on the negatives of a person or relationship you forget all the positive things. Like the way he knows all the right things to say when you are upset. The way he can make you feel better just by telling you he loves you. These are the things that can be forgotten when you are the middle over a fight. Don’t throw all the great times away for something insignificant.

3. Remember what made you fall in love with him in the beginning.

What made you say those magic 3 words the first time? What made you decide that they were the one you plan on being with?

4. Flirt with them

As much as men hate to admit it, they love getting flirty text messages in the morning to wake up to. Tell him how sexy he looks in his uniform before he goes to work in the morning. Tell him how much you love being able to call him yours. Tell him you can’t think of spending one day without him. It will make him for sure happy and fall in love. Men love being complimented, and something as easy as a good morning text, or a sweet comment will make him fall in love, again.

5. Learn to forgive and let go

Yes, we all make mistakes. But we are human! We are going to fall short of expectations sometimes, but that’s what this about. You are meant to be his cheerleader. The person he can come to when he had a bad day. Men, you are meant to be her shoulder to cry on, her rock to assure her that she is always going to have someone to fall back on. So maybe he will forget to tell you your new outfit is stunning on you, but the other 30 you bought he remembered to tell you just how lucky he is to have you as his own and how gorgeous you are. Sometimes men need a break and we all know they aren’t the best at noticing things. (Eh-hem, that hint you dropped about that really pretty necklace you saw at the mall last week.)

6. Let them know you love them, every time you can.

I get it, sometimes you think they just know that you love them and you don’t have to tell them all the time. Come on, we all love hearing it. Just make sure not to just say it out of habit, but every time you say it, you mean it. If you don’t get that spark when you say you love him, you need to rethink why you are saying it. It is so easy for us to just say something we know they want to hear and take it for granted. But when you truly mean something, you should feel like you mean it. You should feel the butterflies in your stomach, see that little twinkle in your eye. That is what love is all about.