6 Things You Learn After A Social Media Hiatus


1.) We are so focused on the screens of our phone that we forget how to really live our lives productively. Technological advancements have been destroying the intimacy we have with our relationships and friendships and that is the biggest issue. We are so consumed by our need to constantly be on Instagram and Facebook, instead of asking the person we’re with how their day went. We’d rather post on our Instagram stories showing how much fun we’re having with our families, when in reality, we’re not even talking to them.

2.) You get to know who your real friends are. The moment you cut yourself from the validation of social media, your real friends will generally be curious as to how you’ve been doing. They go through the effort of sending you a text or better yet, calling you directly. Because at the end of the day, no matter how many followers you have on Instagram or how many friends you have on Facebook, social media will never be the basis of a real relationship.

3.) I can’t stress this enough, but your anxiety and depression lessens in so many ways when you take a break from social media. You cut yourself off from the validation of others or from the need to update yourself on what’s trending when it’s not even that important. You get to have a decent amount of sleep at night and you get live a toxic-free life because you don’t have to worry how many people viewed your Instagram story or how many people liked your profile picture on Facebook.

4.) Your day becomes so much more productive that it ever was before. Instead of spending empty hours on your phone, scrolling through your timeline, you have time to hit the gym or finish a book or even find a new hobby. Every day is a chance to start over and the choices you make reflect who you are.

5.) You lose your FOMO. It doesn’t matter if some of your friends are travelling or if others are getting married and attending parties. You know deep down that you’re happy doing your own thing. You’re confident that the life you’re living is what makes you feel alive and you don’t need to show that off through social media.

6.) Your mindset about everything changes. You reflect a more cheerful and optimistic aura to everyone around you because you had the courage to cut off the one aspect in your life that was causing you toxicity and negativity. Because of this, you have a more positive and radiant mindset and, for once in your life, you are more than enough for yourself. For once in your life, you’re one step closer to being the person you’ve always wanted to be. You don’t have any need to validate your worth to others because you already know your worth deep inside, with or without social media.